Christian Dior Fall 2007

John Galliano pays tribute to all-out 40's glamour for Fall 2007.



Now you can have a chic bathtub sofa just like Holly Golightly's in Breakfast at Tiffany's. flavour design co.'s savon loveseat, converted from an antique clawfoot cast iron bath, is upholstered in blue sensuede and includes matching down pillows. Four to six feet in length, $2900 USD.

a taste of the good life

Christofle has combined my two favourite things, eating and diamonds (yes, in that order), in the shape of sterling silver and diamond encrusted flatware. The front and back of each knife, fork, and spoon is hand set in France with diamonds, a process that takes 6 months to complete.



Alex Monroe

I'll always be ready for Spring, and the Resort Collections have me in my sailor gear and searching for all things blooming, like Alex Monroe's pretty flower earrings and adorable nest and birds ring.


Chloé's "The Bay"

When Chloé's The Bay lambskin bag (below) first appeared on the runways of the Spring 2007 shows, I was only mildly impressed, since its shape reminded of a briefcase, but that was before Kylie was seen all over town with a white, quilted version, it suddenly looked like lunch on a patio on a summer's day, and instantly became an addition to my must have list.


Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

With the recent New York Fashion Week, and now London Fashion Week in full swing, I had the idea to write about fashion photographers, since they play a huge part in the imagemaking business, and Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the duo from London, are some of the best. Both born in 1971—Alas in Istanbul and Piggott in Bangor, Wales—the pair met in England in 1994 after careers in classical music and graphic design: "Marcus was a photographer's assistant, and I had a little design shop," says Alas. Known for their glossy, airbrushed style, Alas and Piggott's images bring an unapologetic perfection to the things they photograph.

"The difference between us and other photographers, honestly, is that we care a lot about fashion," says Alas. "We are in the makeup room, working with the hair, involved in the look much more than working on the lighting, the cables, the gels. The technical side is only 50% of what makes the image. "The secret of a strong campaign is a great image and a great character," says Alas.

The pair have worked with some very big names, including Jennifer Lopez, whose Louis Vuitton ad campaign made them a force in the fashion world. I've included some samples of their work featuring the ever-fashionable Kate Moss, which showcase the broad range and adaptability in their style.

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Happy Valentine's Day!


{beautiful bicycle baskets}

have never been athletic, nor even pretended to be {well, perhaps once, to impress a boy} and the thought of riding a bicycle in the city fills me with terror and images of accidents, but if i were, would definitely outfit my bicycle with one of these lacy, beautiful design house of sweden bicycle baskets . . .

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Everyone is talking about the cutest little fashionista ever, Miff. Miff, a very stylish little bunny, even has her own blog and can be seen wearing the latest on the runways (pictured above in Bottega Veneta and Topshop). She is not to be confused with Miffy, another adorable bunny by Dick Bruna.
*update: Miff's name has been changed to Fifi Lapin



Michael Kors Fall 2007