Oldsjö Hultgren Design

It's almost time to clear the back garden and get things ready for barbecues and summertime parties, and Swedish-based Oldsjö Hultgren Design has just the way to set the stage with these stunning patio stones that will have your guests green with envy. They also do tiles and backsplashes, so your indoors can be just as glam.

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mother's day gift guide

Tree and bluebird cup and platinum-plated saucer set (comes with a great gift box). Click here for online shopping.

Hand-cut leather appliqué flower handbags and overnight bags by Susannah Hunter.

Polaroid postcards from Etsy. Matte and frame for a simple, elegant gift.

dvbstyle sunglasses by Victoria Beckham.

Hand blown glass pitchers made in the Czech Republic at

Exclusifs Boutiques scents by Chanel:
N°22, CUIR DE RUSSIE, GARDÉNIA, BOIS DES ÎLES : four fragrances which established the CHANEL perfumery tradition in the 20s (okay, I would like these, but your mom would too, I'm sure.)

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Richard Sweeney

English artist Richard Sweeney's beautiful paper sculptures appear both solid, yet weightless and have been exhibited at DKNY's flagship store in London, among other places. Click here to view more work.


brighten up

If you're not ready to commit to wallpaper or haven't the time to paint, these hand-printed wallpaper panels may be just the thing to brighten up your space.

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smallest coolest apartments 2007

apartment therapy is running a feature on the smallest coolest apartments 2007 and this studio in NYC is an incredible 300 square feet of fabulousness.

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lacy summer dresses

The little black dress and little white dress are de rigeur this Spring, and these pretty little Pearl Lowe vintage-inspired handmade bespoke dresses are completely adorable.

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twig dishes

These dishes, designed by Euridice Conceicao, with their simple, graphical twigs and branches winding their way across white porcelain, completely appeals to my Spring frame of mind.
Click here for online shopping.



two illustrators

Beautiful illustrations by Pomme Chan (above) and Bam Bam Ink (below).

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Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

A very fond farewell to one of my favourite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, who passed away today at the age of 84. A self-described religious skeptic and freethinking humanist, I will always remember Kurt Vonnegut for his drawing of a headstone in "Slaughterhouse-Five" with the epitaph: Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.


past mistakes

I'm crazy about this print from typenerd--the understated colours, the nostalgic feel, the light-hearted approach to the sentiment that we are doomed to repeat our past mistakes.



Bonbon Oiseau

I've always had a thing for keychains and handbag charms, and the Sirene Royale Belt Chain (left) by Bonbon Oiseau as spotted on d*s is just the right mix of old and new, and pretty with just the right hint of tough. To view the bird keyfob (right), click here.


{charlotte moss + chunky-linked gold}

Fell in love with this chunky-linked gold chain bracelet by Charlotte Moss, featured in this month's issue of Domino. There is a timelessness and modernity about it that's striking.

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Happy Easter!

We're headed out of the city for the long weekend to eat too much and binge on chocolate, so I won't be posting until Tuesday. . .

Happy Easter everyone--good luck on those Easter egg hunts.