hot young things

Hot young thing Ryan McGinley shoots hot young thing Kate.

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{perfect pairings: wallpaper + paintings}

Still searching for the perfect wallpaper and have yet to come across anything I want to commit to. But inadvertently came across theses pairings of wallpaper patterns and bird paintings . . .

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paul massey

I've often wondered what it would be like to live this simply and clutter-free, but I may never know, because I have too much stuff . . . These gorgeous images were taken by Paul Massey at Oak Management (via desire to inspire).


Mandy Sutcliffe

She's not exactly low-profile any longer, but British illustrator, Mandy Sutcliffe, is my current Etsy favourite. Her depictions of childhood scenes are sweet, yet have an underlying haunting quality that's fascinating.

Click here to purchase prints.

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Really lovely tableware and vases at feinedinge.



martha stewart : crafts

For all you crafty Martha fans (and that would definitely include me) Martha's delightful craft supplies are now available at Michaels and also on her new craft site.

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