{betsey johnson before all the pink}

Through random surfing, I came across Betsey Johnson's New York apartment before the pink, when the walls were a sunny yellow, thanks to a collaboration with fashion and interior designer and architect Tarik Currimbhoy.

Also before the pink was a period of minimalism, during which time Betsey cleared out most of her things and painted all of the walls white. This period lasted about two weeks before she decided she needed more stuff and began filling the place again and painted the walls a vibrant, happy pink.

An excerpt from an interview with Robert Sharoff:

How did it begin?
I went to Mexico three years ago and saw this tiny hotel for sale on the beach in Barra de Potosi, a little fishing village not too far from Acapulco, and decided to buy it. It was a pretty spontaneous decision. It needed to be updated so I started painting and decorating and looking at wallpaper. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that. I wound up bringing 26 chandeliers and a ton of other stuff down from New York in two 54-foot moving trucks. It was a fantastic experience. It opened up anentire new world to me.

What’s the finished look?
Very floral, loud, colorful and a little kitschy. I knew Andy Warhol back in the 1960s and the floral patterns and color intensities I used at the hotel – which, by the way, I have re-named Betseyville – remind me of his work.

You’re known as a funky rock and roll designer – is that the tone of the home merchandise?
I do get typecast as the blast-out kid. I like girly, I like glamorous, and I like gorgeous. But that covers a lot of ground. My home collection is very personal and pretty much based on what I have in my own houses.

We’re seeing a lot of Mid-Century Modern ideas in home Merchandise right now. Is that a style you’re drawn to?
No. I find that stuff a little cold and hard. And I’m not big on ’50s colors. For instance, I have an original Knoll womb chair from that period but never really liked it until I had it recovered in bright pink wool. Now it works. But that’s typical for me. I’ve never been someone who could just buy something out of a store and bring it home. I usually have to send it out to have the fabric or the color changed.

{To read the full interview, click here.}

(images: galadarling.com)

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Blogger blushing apples said...

how lovely! and so colorful like her personality!

August 31, 2007  
Blogger {RNVL} said...

I thought so too, BA--looks like a very happy and energetic place to live :)

August 31, 2007  
Blogger Mrs. Blandings said...

If you love this look - and I do - you MUST get La Strada della Dolce Vita by Lynn von Kersting. Absolutely gorgeous - full of big, oversized images of rooms in just these colors - and this kind of quirkiness. It's fabulous. I've had it on my bedside table for weeks.

August 31, 2007  
Blogger {RNVL} said...

Thanks for the tip, mrs.blandings! Have been looking for good books suggestions!

August 31, 2007  

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