{blue satin sashes}

Completely fell in love with this photograph of Jen Gotch's whirlwind trip to Vegas -- the lacy strapless dress with blue satin sash and matching shoes are just perfect and très romantic.

Carla Bruni was said to have worn a sleeveless, knee-length Hermès dress with a 10 cm-wide marine blue ribbon for her wedding to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. {Unfortunately, since no photographers or press were allowed at the "secret" ceremony, we may never see the dress, but Carla was described as ravishing by Francois Lebel, the mayor of the 8th district of Paris, who officiated their marriage.}

Above, the image that began my love for white dresses with blue satin sashes, Sarah Humphreys, from the final issue of Blueprint {January/February 2008}.

{Thanks to Kathryn of Snippet & Ink, for sending along the last three photos.}

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{vintage wooden bowls}

Love the warm, time-worn look of these vintage wooden bowls . . .

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{sf decorator showcase}

Leah at More Ways to Waste Time attended a press preview for the 2008 San Francisco Decorator Showcase recently and returned with some great photographs, including a stunning silver-leafed ceiling adorned with silk butterflies by Candace Barnes {detail shot below}.

A pefectly sophisticated office by Matthew Leverone that reminded me of Chris Miller's office space . . .

And a wonderful, wonderful portrait in a guest suite by Owen Design, that would have fit in perfectly with this collection.

{all images More Ways to Waste Time}

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{an english rose | chris nicholls}

The softness of the gray background plays perfectly with ultra feminine details . . .

{British-born father of three Chris Nicholls includes Elle, M.A.C. and The New York City Ballet as some of his clients.}

A more avant-garde photographic series displaying Nicholls' exceptional talent and range follows.

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{white sands - new mexico}

Positively mesmerized by the serene, sculptural quality of the White Sands - New Mexico series by Chris Nicholls . . .

The images, infused with a nostalgic feel and quiet elegance, remind me very much of
Henry Clarke's beautiful, beautiful work.

{images uploaded by duckiefaced}

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{wistful + longing}

Another web of links, another beautiful discovery -- wistful, longing shots of Paris, on nordljus, an incredible food blog with beautiful, nostalgia-laden photography and delicious recipes that may inspire even me to take up cooking . . .

{Happily discovered through this blog.}

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{random inspiration}

1. Turquoise chandelier in a Union Street Office by San Francisco based Massucco Warner Miller

2. Irina in Electric Feathers dress by New York-based Leana Zuniga
{via glamchic; The New York Times; photo: KT Auleta/Phillips de Pury & Company}

3. Mother's Day gift ideas, beautifully shot with sweet peas at The New York Times {Thanks, Mark!}
{Photo: Eugene Gologursky for The New York Times}

4. Hand-forged branch table in gold leaf finish from Candace Barnes Antiques

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The Spring/Summer 2008 collection by Day Birger et Mikkelsen is so playful and the photography so fun and fresh that it's no wonder the company's manifesto to is to "put a bit of party in every DAY dressing, for work or play. . ."

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{vintage portraits}

An artist once requested that I sit for a portrait, and although I graciously declined, it has been great fun being swept up in the beautiful world of vintage portraits - searching for the perfect one, and following the discoveries of others . . .

{via a beautiful living}

{portraits with a neoclassical twist at JDG}

{portrait of woman from Santa Barbara at paris hotel boutique}

{via a beautiful living}

{Shoot Factory via absolutely beautiful things}

{photography by Roger Davies; O at Home Spring 2008}

Completely inspired by this collection of portraits of varying sizes and frames --flanked by a pair tufted fuchsia chairs, it is an arrangement of pure sophistication.

{links to this post:}
the gallery effect; a great loss; a great find; vintage lady portraits

{images: 1 - flickr; 3 - JDG; 4 + 7 - Paris Hotel Boutique Journal}

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{ca maria adele | venice}

While sorting through the papers on my desk the other day, came across the travel section of an old British newspaper, which fell open to La Sala Noir, one of 5 concept rooms at Ca Maria Adele in Venice, Italy. Was immediately lured by the yards and yards of luxuriously sexy silks, moody ambiance, and black Murano chandelier . . .

"The hues of pepper, cocoa, clover and other rich spices melt here in an incredible mosaic of colours that will charm your senses. The result is a room voluptuous and hot like the load of the ships which from far-away lands carried the products building for centuries the richness of Venice."

The rest of the hotel looked equally dreamy with its filtered sunlight, smoky browns and grays, and glimmering dashes of gold. Perfect for a long, languorous conversations over cappuccinos . . .

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{violet may | london}

Adore the White Daffodil Italian leather laptop bag by Violet May in London-- fresh and modern, and extremely well-made, work will {almost} feel like play . . .

{via The Bag Snob}

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{paul philp | ceramicist}

Glamorous reader Lindsey, at Hedge, a design gallery in San Francisco, wrote to share the work of Welsh potter Paul Philp, who draws "from the organic world, hand crafting pieces that look as if they were formed by a natural process."

The beautiful sculptures appear as if moulded and worn by nature, and are inspired by the simplistic forms and classical shapes of Asian ceramics.

The exhibition features 40 new works, including a series of large-scale sculptures, and runs until May 17, 2008.

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{fables of nature & culture}

Ledoux's Reception
Lamda Fuji Archival Print
Large122 x 152cm, Small 70x 90cm
Edition of 5, 2 AP (of each set)

Completely mesmerized by Frankfurt-born
Karen Knorr’s compelling Fables series, staged in the Carnavalet Museum in Paris. The enchanting images feature classic animal characters, and play on the tension between nature and culture.

Salon Lilac Louis XV
Lamda Fuji Archival Print
Large122 x 152cm, Small 70x 90cm
Edition of 5, 2 AP (of each set)

What is Human?
Colour Cibachrome mounted on aluminium 40 inches X 40 inches
framed with brass plaque and text
{from the Santuary series}

The Yellow Room Louis XVI
Lamda Fuji Archival Print
Large122 x 152cm, Small 70x 90cm
Edition of 5, 2 AP (of each set)

The Green Bedroom Louis XVI
Lamda Fuji Archival Print
Large122 x 152cm, Small 70x 90cm
Edition of 5, 2 AP (of each set)

Lamda Fuji Archival Print
Large122 x 152cm, Small 70x 90cm
Edition of 5, 2 AP (of each set)

The Blue Salon
Lamda Fuji Archival Print
Large122 x 152cm, Small 70x 90cm
Edition of 5, 2 AP (of each set)

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