{à bientôt}

{Adriana Lima & David Boreanaz photographed by Pamela Hanson via Yunta D}

Been a hectic few months, and long overdue for some down time, so we're off to Paris {flight leaves tonight!} for a little adventure and a dash of fun, leaving our cares and BlackBerrys behind . . .

{See you in two weeks! À bientôt!}

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{top five tuesday + a chance to win}

{"Through the Looking Glass" photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US December 2004; model: Natalia Vodianova; via style.com}

This week's {top five} is all about ruffles, since they're fun and flirty, and that's the kind of mood I'm in . . .

Also, s
till crazy about Balineum's ruffled Catherine shower curtain, and this week, there's a chance to win one.

Good news is, the UK-based company ships anywhere in the world, so anyone anywhere can enter: just leave a comment below, and a winner will be randomly selected by the curtain's designer, Sarah Watson, and announced here on Friday, June 13, 2008.

bonne chance! / good luck!

{top five:}
1. this shower curtain
2. this tablecloth
3. this girl at Cannes
4. this photoshoot
5. this bikini

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{pretty lovely}

Recently came across more images {above + below} of fashion designer Jacqueline Appel's lovely, lovely home . . .

The custom Pucci scarf pillow shams, Murano chandelier, lacquered ceiling, and polished floor make her living room one of the rooms I always come back to . . .

{images 1 + 2: H+H January 2006; 3: from an earlier post & Flare September 2007}

Also check out Felicity's lovely Ballet post at All Things Bright and Beautiful for more images of Jacqueline's home.

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{happy weekend + bar carts}

{Jacob Hertzell, stylist; via emmas designblogg}

Looking forward to a little down time this weekend, especially time outdoors on our recently refurnished patio . . .

Not certain if anyone still uses bar carts, but sitting and dreaming en plein air for a few moments somehow made me think a moveable place for water and lemons and fizzy drinks and wine would work out beautifully . . .

{via i suwannee}

{Hazelnut Lovejoy Vodka; label design by ID Branding; via Ruby Press and Design Crush

{photography by Deborah Jaffe for domino}

{Watercreek Carafes from the American Summer collection at Ralph Lauren home}

{Hanover Bar Cart from Restoration Hardware; via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles}

{Lovejoy Vodka; label design by ID Branding; via Ruby Press and Design Crush}

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{warm + woodsy}

{photography by Patrick Van Robaeys for Coté Est}

Never imagined falling for a wood interior, finding the overuse of wood to be, at times, dark and a little out of fashion . . . That is, of course, until I happened upon this beautiful ancien hôtel particulier, a home overflowing with French style in the English countryside, where everything feels comfortable and inviting, and infused with warmth and a wonderful mix of French glamour and English country charm . . .

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{top five things i can't live without}

{photography by Juliana Sohn}

ways new and exciting things happening, including a new feature, Top Five Tuesdays: discovering fun and intriguing things about fun and intriguing people . . .

First up is the very cool and down-to-earth Monika Eyers, Contributing Editor, London, for domino magazine, who shares her list of the Top Five Things She Can't Live Without . . .

{iPod Touch}

ipod touch to organize my life: I tried desperately to go the pen & paper diary route but there is something so useful about having everything there at the click of a button. Calendar, contacts, google maps, music, etc. I never leave home with out my ipod touch (I'm waiting for next year's improvements before upgrading to the iphone). Now I scribble out the dates on my gorgeous old Smythson diary and use it as a notebook instead.

{must confess that I also love my iPod Touch, relying on it to catch up on the latest runway shows through video podcasts . . .}

{Peugeot herb chopper}

Moving to London has miraculously domesticated me in the kitchen. I am borderline obsessed with my wooden handled Peugeot herb chopper. It does the trick in seconds and makes me feel like a bona-fide chef!

{Dyptique Chene candle}

There is something so lovely about walking into a home that smells good. It's like being in Paris where every shop and hotel exudes a sultry fragrance. Dyptique's Chene candle is my scent of choice and rarely a day goes by where the candle isn't lit for an hour. I recently found out they are soon discontinuing the Chene room spray (eek!) and have since stocked up on that as well.

{Peonies in May}

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. They smell as gorgeous as they look and as all good things must come to an end, they have a torturously short season. For this reason, come the 1st of May, I make sure to have a constant supply of fresh bunches at home for as long as possible. They always make a room feel just a little bit more special but run, don't walk, they'll be gone in just a few weeks!

{Waterworks baskets}

I have a bit of a reputation for being a hoarder when it comes to papers, magazines, newspapers, etc. Without my trusty natural abaca baskets from Waterworks, my husband would surely divorce me. They keep the chaos neat and tidy and I especially love that they have handles for easy transport - you never know which room you'll want to settle down in and getting sorting.

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{a little ruffled}

Love Sarah Watson's pretty new shower curtain designs, made by traditional weavers in Italy, Lithuania and Portugal. There are four designs in all, including the charming and ruffle-trimmed, Catherine.

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{ultra modern}

{from Elle Decoration May 2008}

The panels of Sarah Dorkenwald and Ruth Spitzer's Wallfurniture LC2 wallpaper {above} will instantly open up a small space into a view of an ultra-stylish and modern lounge . . .

Also like the effect of using one panel of Tracy Kendall's Plates wallpaper, installed as artwork next to a powder blue Smeg and metal colander.

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{a peek inside my refrigerator}

{photography by Ben Dearnley}

This is not my refrigerator. It looks like it could be, but I live with a {rather charming} Brit, so ours is large and stainless steel. If you happen to visit Rachel’s lovely blog, BlackEiffel, you will find a sneak peek inside our refrigerator, as well as those of other bloggers . . .

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{summer wardrobe}

Continually impressed with Loeffler Randall, who are inspiring me to reconsider my entire summer wardrobe . . . {flutter dress, olivia boot}

{hard to believe they've only been around for 4 years}

{flutter sleeve jumper, romy suede platform bootie}

{dropwaist dress, eleanor gathered platform + really adorable socks}

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{room for two}

A perfect way to do the dishes side by side . . .

{from Colonial Homes, via Classic Style in the City}

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{at the office: work + play}

Have always been fascinated {and often inspired} by the workspaces of others, such as this pretty and remarkably calming and creative space . . .

Have a borderline obsession with stationery and office supplies and have been known to use only my own pens, in any given situation.

Love the Japanese styling of this assortment -- bright and cheerful, with the
perfect combination of work and play . . .

{images: 1: a.n. on flickr via Creature Comforts; 2+3: stationary products from Japan from So-En Magazine via Scout-Holiday}

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{tropical elegance}

Not normally fond of green plants, preferring numerous bouquets of fresh-cut flowers in vases scattered about, but there is something about these oversized splashes of green against fresh white interiors that seems to exude a relaxed easiness and tropical elegance.

{1 - photography by Laura Resen for Domino April 2008; 2 - via classic style in the city}

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{mollies in auckland}

Browsing for hotels again for an upcoming trip in late summer; last time, my searches led me to the sexy Ca Maria Adele in Venice, Italy, which is much closer to where we’re travelling than this small and luxurious place in Auckland, New Zealand . . .

Mollies, a beautiful boutique hotel that's full of charm, combines a mix of new and antiques together to create warmth and all around prettiness. One of its many features includes four premier suites complete with a baby grand in each room, and views of Auckland Harbour.

Of course, the best part of any hotel is an inviting, un-hotel-like feel, making it a true home away from home, and Mollies' wonderful warmth and vibrancy makes it just that.

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{photographer: paolo roversi}

have been waiting for a current photographer to replicate the classic, black and white, devastatingly glamorous work of henry clarke, and was delighted to come across paolo roversi, who does it brilliantly -- the dresses, the setting, the sultry play of light and shadows . . . it's all really quite romantic, with a wonderfully modern edge

{p.s. also:}
indelible images of elegance
* white sands - new mexico
* an english rose - chris nicholls

{images: editorial:
individuallure; freja beha erichsen by paolo roversi for vogue italia march 2008 via foto_decadent}

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{sheaths of silver & gray}

It's been a while since I found a design that I was as crazy about as the {3.1 Phillip Lim Citron silk pleated Grecian dress with boned bodice}, but this {Donna Karan Bi-color halter dress}, made from sheaths of chalky white and silver gray satin, comes close . . .

{paired with: Michael Kors rattan rectangle clutch; Jimmy Choo Elipse leather sandals}

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{colour inspiration: daffodil silk}

Sometimes all it takes to bring a new, ultra-chic energy into a room is a few sun-drenched accessories in shades of canary and daffodil . . .

Have much more fun at work {above} with a Ray and Charles Eames Soft Pad Chair, comfortably beautiful in happy yellow leather.

A vibrant painting {this one is by Andrew Spence}, an Eero Aarnio Cognac chair, and cushions from Marimekko bring a sense of play to a modern, all-white bedroom.

Drift off with elegantly blissful dreams in a Parisienne bed upholstered in daffodil silk. {Ochre bedside lamp.}

{images 1+3: photography by Mel Yates, image 2: photography by Douglas Friedman; Livingetc. April 2008}

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