{happy weekend + nyc}

Off to NYC for a few days to trade work for play, and short conversations on our mobiles to long conversations over dinner . . .

Been a busy week here, so here's a wrap-up of the some of the things you may have missed:

stylishly french
karl lagerfeld + versailles
beauty sleep
swank lighting + joe cariati
une fille comme moi
everyday objects as art

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

{images: top - french country living by caroline clifton-mogg, photography by christopher drake; bottom - polly wreford

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{the magic of henry clarke}

{1957 -- joanna mccormick for chanel}

I remember the first time I fell in love with the work of Henry Clarke (1918-1996) -- it was as if I were falling, falling into a world of impossible elegance and incredible sophistication . . .

Included are a few photographs not published in the original post.
Although Clarke's work reached its height in the 1950's and 60's, it will always remain timeless.

{1953 - suzy parker for mauboussin}

{1959 - rose-marie for givenchy}

{1959 -- ann sainte-marie for saks}

*see also:
post war elegance
indelible images of elegance

{images: scanned by frederic at fashion cosmos}

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. . . fresh blades of dewy grass, whispers of rustling leaves . . . it's summertime, and I'm happily wearing my strappy sandals . . .

{images: 1 - H&G via housemartin; 2 - margot's dining room, style at home july 2008; 3, 4, 5, 7 - polly wreford ; image 6 - anders gramer}

* also just came across Kate at Girl Meets Glamour's lovely post, a shade of green . . .
* see also: st. patrick's

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{karl lagerfeld + versailles}

Still sorting through hundreds of photos from our recent trip to Paris and hope to have a few posted this week . . . {if only had thought to invite Karl Lagerfeld along to shoot the Château de Versailles}

{editorial: High Fashion, Haper's Bazaar November 2007; models: Snejana Onopka, Jessica Stam etc.; photography by Karl Lagerfeld}

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{beauty sleep}

. . . running stunningly low on beauty sleep, but lovely to busy and caught up in the excitement of it all . . . not certain if it's the amazingly calming colour palette, but couldn’t imagine a more lovely place to lay luxuriously about . . .

{images by gemma comas}

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{happy weekend + stylishly french}

Always such fun to come across real people wearing real clothes, but with extraordinary style . . . {Certain it’s why we’re so obsessed with The Sartorialist}

Of course, this girl is French, takes completely fun and ultra-stylish flickr self-portraits, and describes herself as "just a french girl who enjoys beautiful things . . ."

{Have a sexy and stylish weekend, everyone!}

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{swank lighting + joe cariati}

{image: samples of Joe Cariati's new Spring 2008 Collection}

Swank Lighting, that wonderful treasure trove of Murano art glass lamps, has collaborated with Los Angeles glass artist Joe Cariati to debut a new line of American hand-blown lamps created using a specialized Venetian glassblowing technique that makes each piece one-of-a-kind. The first phase of the line will include 4 Joe Cariati designs inspired by his favourite vintage pieces at Swank Lighting and will be available in 5 vibrant shades. The new line will be available by summer's end.

{click here for more information and for a sneak peek of the new line}

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{garance doré | une fille comme moi}

If there were more hours in a day, I would happily get caught up in a new novel {and blog-reading}, sit leisurely about looking perfect in a little black dress and pearls, and spend more time at une fille comme moi . . .

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{photography by Corinne Day}

. . . a colour I've never worn, yet am growing increasingly fond of . . .

{see also:}
everyone is wearing blue
blue satin sashes

{Photography by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia March 2008}

{Michael Bruno's living room in his Paris home: a Cubist painting from the 1940s is paired with 1940s blue furniture in its original silk, from 1stdibs.com; Rooms to Inspire by Annie Kelly, photography by Tim Street-Porter}

{photography by Polly Wreford for You Magazine; styling by Melanie Molesworth}

{via the style files}

{Editorial: Model & Supermodel Magazine: Vogue US Issue: September 2004 Model: Gemma Ward Photographer: Steven Meisel via foto decadent}

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{everyday objects as art}

Look closely at this receipt . . .

Incredibly, it's embroidery on fabric, by Miami-born artist Frances Trombly, and I can very much appreciate the time and patience it must take to complete such amazingly detailed work:

Frances Trombly uses trompe-l’oeil effects in her work to recreate mundane objects, making labor-intensive pieces through weaving, embroidery, cross stitch, and crochet. By recreating what is mass-produced she initiates an authority that is missing from the utilitarian original. Her objects exist in an environment where value lives, where value thrives, the gallery or museum . . .

Receipt (Publix), 2008; Embroidery on fabric; 15 1/4 X 3 1/4 inches

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{happy weekend + and the winner is . . .}

{a letter from Sarah Watson:}
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the This is Glamorous Top Five Tuesday draw. It was so lovely to see such nice comments about our shower curtain, even if prompted by the prospect of a free one.

Catherine shower curtain was designed by us here in London but it is actually made by wonderful linen factory in Lithuania. We designed it on paper before we’d even thought about fabric. We loved the idea of ruffles, but finding a linen that worked with them proved a real challenge, and in the end, our partner had to weave a fabric especially. We’ve only produced 150 – so they’re pretty special.

. . .

and the winner is . . .
Christine in Boston {Congratulations!}

The winner was randomly selected, but special mention must go to Marissa who used the term Victorian Pantalones: not used often enough and has made us begin to think about other fabulous designs. Suzy with the Irving Berlin poem, and Chellie D for being the first person to electronically bat eyelashes at us. Oh, and All Things Bright and Beautiful for persistence and making us chuckle! And finally, Heather, we absolutely think more young boys should be surrounded by ruffles.


{Have a great Friday the 13th and a fantastic weekend, everyone!}

Christine, please e-mail your contact information, and the parcel will be shipped from London, England
{images: "Republican Party" by Bruce Weber for W July 2002}

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{tom mannion | photography}

Have been in dreamy, thoughtful state for the past few days, and was instantly drawn to Tom Mannion's work, especially louise and lily pond, above.

{irish cardinal and chair}

{chairs at calke abbey}

{bedroom at nostel priory - full image has been cropped}

{in the forest}

{armchair in the greenhouse}

{chippendale lampshade}

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{home again + farewell YSL}

{Editorial: Model & Supermodel; Magazine: Vogue US; Issue: September 2004; Model: Natalia Vodianova; Photographer: Steven Meisel}

Home again, beautifully exhausted and happily jet-lagged . . . things still in suitcases, passports and foreign currency strewn on the bureau . . .

Will take a few days to settle in to everyday life again and to stop ordering things en français . . .

Also: Extremely moving to be in Paris when the news broke of Yves Saint Laurent's passing last Sunday. . .

Above: Yves on the balcony at Place Vauban in 1963. The photographer, Archie Parker, was accompanied by his wife, Una Mary, who acted as an assistant. She remembered Yves as being ‘beautiful, slender and very elegant; but so timid, he barely uttered a word’.

Pierre Berge, Yves Saint Laurent's life-long companion weeps as he leaves the Saint-Roch church with France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy after funeral services.

Carla Bruni wears a YSL dress inspired by the French painter Braque

{image 2 - flickr; image 4 - flickr

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