What is it about yards and yards of gauzy, billowy, diaphanous fabric that so captures the imagination?

{uploaded by el espartano for foto decadent; "Sanctuary" - South China Morning Post; Photographer: Baldovino Barani; Model: Brooke Bonelli}

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{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}

. . . quite taken with interior designer Suzy Hoodless' Contemporary Lodge in Scotland, a perfect combination of modern and rustic, and then there's the view . . .

After last summer's trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and a haunting {and terribly romantic} boat ride on the loch in Inverness, have been drawn to the compelling beauty of Scotland as if under a spell . . .

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{almost like floating}

Have been trying desparately to find time to play with photography again, and every time I want to see the world through a lens, I find myself drawn to this Vogue IT shoot by Paolo Roversi.

A simple blank canvas . . . blissful, soft and ethereal lighting, and a quiet serenity that is almost like floating . . .

e7336a2158a1 copy

{uploaded by: linka_lebedeva for foto decadent; publication: Vogue IT Mar 2006, photography: Paolo Roversi, models: Irina Lazareanu, Du Juan}

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{a summer's afternoon}

{marie claire maison}

. . . somehow, everything looks better bathed in the quiet and softly diffused light of a late summer's afternoon . . .

{via lily-g}

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{happy weekend!}

Have a fun + beautiful weekend, everyone!

{zooey via livejournal}



{brazilian rosewood}

Ridiculously beautiful desk.
Vintage Brazilian Rosewood. Made in Brazil, circa 1950s.
Found here.

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{today was a perfect day to go . .}

straight from the plane to the beach

{image via bjornstar}

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{good times, glamour + a style test}

{Nicholas Haslam via Classic Style in the City}

While Franki from
Life in a Venti Cup comes to terms with her decidedly "masculine" tastes as determined by a décor style analysis from MyDeco, I have been handed the {rather amusing} result that I apparently "love good times and glamour in the bedroom . . . "
{Nicholas Haslam via Classic Style in the City}
{more of the results:}
Absolutely Fabulous:
There’s no such thing as OTT in your book: why settle for average when you can have full-blown, unadulterated GORGEOUS? In some homes, the result is a riot of carte blanche camp, but expressed more subtly, the glamorous look can be drop-dead sexy and sophisticated. It’s all a question of how you combine colour and texture with attitude and you’re still working on getting things perfect. Why stop now when you’re having so much fun?

You are drawn to all things that combine beauty with adventure.
{Sounds good to me.}
{kwid via Studio Annetta}

{What does your décor style say about you? Click here to find out . . .}

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{vintage + chalk}

Love the idea of using vintage frames to create pretty chalkboards . . . little too late for this one, available only days ago, but it is in good hands . . .

{discovered via
poppytalk; image - blue bell bazaar}

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{emptiness is easy}

Perusing studio ilse's impressive portfolio recently, in a search for what Vogue magazine has named 'the most glamorous place in London to drink cocktails' {above}, and was reminded of the many other lovely, lovely places the studio has created.

Ilse Crawford, Creative Director & Designer, explains a part of her method as, ". . . there is the kind of arranging which is from using things a lot. Somehow then they always find their place. Things (and people) look best if they are touched regularly!"

studio ilse creates environments that "resonate emotionally, subliminally, and sensorially. expressive design that communicates to us on a primal level and addresses our human needs."

"Any amateur can be a minimalist: emptiness is easy. Clutter is hard. There's a fine line between an "artful jumble" and "my life is a mess."

You may also remember some of the studio's wonderful {and still cool} furniture designs, {below}, from 2005.

{See also the beautiful Aesop store}

{all images from studioilse.com; quotes from The New York Times}

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{through someone else's eyes}

Buried under projects and appointments and away from my desk for most of the weekend, so the photographs of La Ville-lumière shall have to wait . . .

{In the meantime, here are some shots I wish I had taken -- the composition in each is quite exemplary.}

{images via flickr}

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{happy weekend!}

{quickly -- fetch your sexiest swimwear and get in the water before the summer passes by . . .}

{natalia vodianova by Michael Thompson for W magazine March 2005}

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{country living via lily-g}

{photography by Miguel Flores-ViannaJune/July 2007 via domino}

{ hhmedia; photography by Stacey Brandford}


{ photography by corinne day}

. . . like to imagine these rooms as perhaps belonging to tiny island huts or oceanside cottages, the sun setting through palms, the air filled with the echos of crashing waves . . .

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{golden years}

While it may be difficult to discover modern photography that rivals the astonishingly sophisticated and alluring vintage works of Henry Clarke, some of which were taken as many as 70 years ago, every once in a while, something passes by that is completely and stunningly beautiful . . .

Golden Years, Vogue UK - October 2007 - shot in the London underground by Corinne Day.

{modern b/w:}
paolo roversi

indelible images of elegance
the magic of henry clarke

{editorial: Golden Years; magazine: Vogue UK; date: October 2007; photographer: Corinne Day; model: Stam}

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{2 beautiful photographs}

Reminds me of the windows in Paris . . .

How can your heart not melt for the sheer happiness of this little first-place piglet?

{images: top - via brochebrocante on flickr; bottom - Gripweed
via Pixdaus, original image has been cropped for this post}

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{time-worn nostalgia}

There is a quiet, time-worn nostalgia about the home of Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen, the kind that evolves from years of travel and layers of memories from far-off places . . .

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{a new week}

Beautiful, beautiful weekend -- time in the sun, long dinners, cold champagne, talked for hours, stayed up late . . .

{summer is a magical time}

{Irina Lazareanu via the charming scout-holiday}

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