{happy weekend!}

. . . the last shimmering days of summer . . .
happy, happy {bright and adventurous} weekend, everyone!

looking forward to seeing you again next week,

{p.s.} a few things you may have missed:
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of birds & butterflies
glamorously girly
all-out city girl

{images: 1 - Vogue US June 2008 via The Daria Files; 2 - Fernlund + Logan Architects via White & Wander}

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{long weekend links}

{some fun places to visit over the weekend:}
paris by night
then & now: lauren hutton
> beautiful
BCBG campaign via love made visible
smitten with a cup of jo
light as air

{and a long-overdue thank you:}
Ruby Press, Fiore Fresco, Design Dig and Mommy Holly for the great awards.
Katidid, Daisy Pink Cupcake & Granny Smith Apple for the fun tags.
Special thanks to Bonbon Oiseau for {
this} lovely mention.

{image: pierce allan via the deco detective}

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{nouveaux intérieurs parisiens}

If it were possible to live inside a book, would happily pack my things and move into New Paris Interiors . . .

click here for a fun flip-through}

> Scout-Holiday's {Inside Paris} for more images
> the chevron flooring in the top image reminds me of Things That Inspires' beautiful post on chevron & herringbone patterned floors

> also quite certain the third interior was used for this roche-bobois advert . . .

{images: New Paris Interiors - edited by Angelika Taschen, photography by Ian Phillips}

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{falling for fall}

Despite being a notorious summer girl, must admit that am maybe {just a little} becoming excited about Fall . . .

{fun new things at Day - Birger et Mikkelsen}

last day

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{of birds & butterflies}

Completely charmed by Parisians Colette & Pierre's Ceiling Bird . . . After a visit to the Château d'O in Normandy, Colette fell in love with a flock of ceiling birds that appeared to be holding up the crystal chandeliers in the Château, and immediately set off to recreate a similar effect with the help of an artist friend who was commissioned to paint the elegant bird in their Paris dining room.

The effect is magical.

Reminds me also of the stunning silver-leafed ceiling adorned with silk butterflies from
an earlier post . . .

{images: top - apartment therapy; bottom - photography by Leah at More Ways to Waste Time}

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{glamorously girly}

At eleven years of age, had the bedroom re-painted a perfect pink, and wore nothing else for two entire years.

Have since added more colours to my life {maybe not blue}, but have never given up my ultrafemme ways . . . whispery blouses, impossibly high heels, lip gloss, and ruffles . . .

{images: 1 - photography by andreas sjodin; 2 - domino; 3 - photography by todd cole; 4 - Maui_Designer on flickr; 5 - giveupthegoat on flickr; 6 - dankse on flickr; 7 - autumn de wilde for rodarte}

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{all-out city girl}

Despite several posts on white rooms, had nearly forgotten how fresh and beautiful white can be outside . . . and reminds me of some of the places I grew up in, before becoming an all-out city girl . . .

a perfect time
verte + blanche
the last of the summer whites
warm + woodsy

{click here for a sneak peek inside}

{via www.countryliving.com and my romantic home}

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{happy weekend + kisses}

Happy {impossibly romantic} weekend, everyone! xo

Two extra posts today you may have missed:
marilyn + glynis selina arbin
john janik

{images: top - tumblr; bottom -Kiss Me by Green-Lemonade via diviantART}


{marilyn + glynis selina arban}

Marilyn Agency has commission self-taught photographer Glynis Selina Arban to photograph its show package for the upcoming ss09 season, and the result is an ethereally perfect, beautifully romantic celebration of Spring . . . amazingly well-timed, as we lament the inevitable last weeks of summer . . .

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{john janik}

There's something wonderfully harmonious about John Janik's work -- the placement of things, the calm and restful palettes, the skillful mix of vintage and contemporary . . .

{images: 1-3 - John Janik (photography by Michael Hoarta) via Vintage&Chic; 4 - previous Kate Spade ad}

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{perfectly carefree}

Apartment Therapy's 11 Tips for Slowing Down really struck a chord, as I sleep less and less and find myself buried under more projects, appointments, social engagements, and never-ending to-do lists, and while it's great to be busy, it's always wonderful to take a few moments out . . .

{tip #4:}
This goes along with doing one thing at a time and is the hardest thing for us: don't open tabs in your browser. Only read one website at a time and don't open 16 more in tabs to read later. Just one at a time (and don't spend all night doing it either!).

Besides having a myriad of tabs and applications open, the lack of sleep, and constant e-mailing checking {BlackBerrys did make it to The City of Light, despite good intentions}, realize that the times that I feel most relaxed is when we drop everything and drive out of the city for a weekend get-away . . .

One of my favourite times where I felt completely and perfectly carefree was {here}

{When was the last time you felt carefree and what do you do to unwind at the end of the day?}

{image credits: Harper's Bazaar US February 2008; photographer: Solve Sundsbo; fashion editor: George Cortina; model: Julia Stegner; uploaded by ecstasy_lover via foto decadent}

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{roche-bobois via Maui Designer on flickr}

Wonderful French-inspired images that seem to perfectly belong together, and would have also been great additions to the recent {elegant gray}

The first is a brilliant combination of old and new, and the second, the eternally stylish Stam with baguettes.

{via the delightful nibs blog}

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{attract all things}

Have a fun + beautiful weekend, everyone!

{Campaign: Barneys - Season: Spring/Summer 1992 - Photography by Steven Meisel - Model: Linda Evangelista - credit: designscene}

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{via follow studio}

Suddenly entertaining thoughts of becoming hopelessly un-citified, jetting off to a beautiful and fascinatingly exotic island and lured by the tide to collect perfect shells and starfish . . .

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{the last of the summer whites}

As balmy breezes turn crisp and longer days fall silently into dusk earlier each night, am longingly aware that soon the pretty summer dresses and opened-toed sandals will be set aside for long scarves and soft cardigans . . . {and here: the last of the summer whites}

{images: 2+6 - Vogue Living Australia; 3 - a.n. + follow studio; 4+7 - Marie Claire Maison; 5 - By e*airfuly+follow studio; 8 - model: Linda Evangelista - photographer: Steven Meisel - original image has been cropped and adapted for this post}

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{hazy + saturated}

Hazy, saturated tones with just a little grit to offset the refined, these are my favourites of Taki Bibelas' photographic work . . .

{discovered via Creature Comforts}

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