{the crested blazer}

The crested blazer had been adapted from its traditional English schoolboy and well-bred, aristocratic origins to become a part of the season’s preppy, collegiate look, along with wellies, tartan and plaid, and elements of the Equestrian Style.

Paired with jeans and a silk blouse and worn with a casual elegance, the sharp, blue-blooded tailoring of the crested blazer is no longer quaint and Old World, but stylish and thoroughly modern.

{Balenciaga F2007RTW}

{Charles Anastase S2008RTW}

{above and below: Gwynne Blazer with velvet trim by Joules}

{Balenciaga F2007RTW}

{Ralph Lauren Wool Crested Blazer}

{Welland Blazer by Joules}

{Ralph Lauren Wool Crested Blazer}

{Gwynne Blazer with velvet trim by Joules}

{via the sartorialist}

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{laser cutting & engraving}

Recently happened upon two beautiful examples of laser work:

{laser engraving}
flatware {floral gravé au laser dans un acier inoxydable 18/10} from

{laser cutting}
7 layers of plywood, a select group of artists from around the world, 50 limited edition {skateboard} decks produced per artist, and endless, wonderful possibilities at refill seven

{ via graphic-exchange}

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{fashionably four-legged}

Things have been more hectic than usual, so posting has been a bit sporadic this week – everything should be back to normal next week, so see you then . . .

Happy {slightly mischievous} weekend, everyone!

{images: Raymond Meier for Vogue via fashionista, all images have been cropped, edited and resized for this site}

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{all's fair in love & wellies}

Kate Moss paired hers with hot pants at Glastonbury, while Marina Hanbury wore hers with an extravagant evening gown for Vogue Living . . .

Originally designed for Scotland's unpredictable weather and rugged terrain,
wellies have since become firmly established as a fashion staple and style classic.

As fashion and décor are often intertwined, wellies have been making their way into interiors, as much for their stylish, nearly aristocratic appeal, as well as the romantic, outdoorsy adventures they represent.

{as an aside:}
d i a n a : m u s e brings up a great point about the origin of the name, "wellies"

{an excerpt from wikipedia:}
The Wellington boot, also known as a wellie, a topboot, a gumboot, or a rubber boot, is a type of boot based upon Hessian boots. It was worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and fashionable among the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.

{images: 1 - photography by by Mark Roper via tinyk; 2 - Rachel Riley's home featured Country Living UK via {frolic!}; 3 - via {frolic!}}

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{reader's decorating dilemma}

Received a lovely letter from reader Nicole, requesting design advice for redecorating her bedroom, and as there are so many creative and talented bloggers who stop in for a visit everyday, thought it might be fun to hear what advice, recommendations, opinions and links we can dream up:

My name's Nicole, I'm 16 years old, and recently have gotten a room to myself, as my sister has moved out! I'm 16 but I have a bit of an older style when it comes to interior, so I'm not into the whole "teen room" thing. Of course, that doesn't mean I wanna dress and live in a room like a grandma! I love interior design and fashion design and photography, and just love designing and re-arranging my friend's rooms and rooms around my house.

However, I have a small problem, my love for interior design has become my downfall. There are so many things I want to experiment with, so many things I love, I just have no idea how to do my room. Do you have any ideas or advice?

Here are some of the things I love: Lace, the colour grey and blue grey, cream coloured things, books, cozy beds, and lamps that cast a pretty yellowey glow, I love fashion design, photography, art, and poetry. I especially love, love, love writing and literature. I love a nostalgic look, and I love the sophistication of French style but also the coziness of English style. I need a place that's conducive to writing, but also something that will inspire me.

Some of my favourite looks are:
Bistro/Cafe type tables and chairs

Globes, Book shelves and Cases,
this vase is just beautiful (from your site of course).

I just feel like I like all these things but can't see them coming together as one room!! A couple things you should know, I have a slanted gambrel ceiling so it's difficult for me to hang large artwork (grr), and I have an unstained wood floor. Depending on what colours I (or you advise me to) choose, I might stain it darker. My room is really big though, and has a stair case going down I could do something pretty with I think. Despite the fact that I'd love one, money wise I can't afford a chandelier, but I love pretty lighting and all things antique looking.

Your help would be appreciated so much!! I just love interior design, but because it's my own room I just can't seem to do anything with it! (And the walls right now are bright yellow and hot pink *bleugh*)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this,

{images: 1 - Theo Fennell; 2-4 - follow studio; 3+5 - gentl & hyers via mila; 6 - unknown but still searching . . .}

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{playing footsies}

Although a little sad to see the end of little toes peeping through pretty sandals, Fall's socked feet are completely charming . . .

{images: top - Wool Thigh-Highs and Lulu Metallic-Leather Peep Toe Heels by J.Crew, design and layout by Creature Comforts; bottom - via sfgirlbybay}

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{and in other news . . .}

Thanks to Rebecca Robertson, Deputy Decorating Editor at Martha Stewart, for inlcuding {this is glamorous} in the Best of the Blogs: Editors' Picks!

{Congratulations to the lovely blogs Absolutely Beautiful Things and Coco+Kelley, who also made Rebecca's list.}

{top image: Guy Aroch}

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{colour inspiration: purple reign}

Whether it’s shades of lilac, lavender, plum, puce, thistle, orchid, aubergine, wine, magenta, violet, mauve, indigo or amethyst, purple is everywhere, from shimmery blouses, to loveseats, be-ribboned sandals, and accent walls. It is associated with royalty, regality, and nobility, believed to be Cleopatra’s favourite colour and is included in The Washington Post’s Fall Forecast.

While the luxurious and royally vibrant shades may hang in my closet, have only ever been adventurous enough to consider the soft, romantic, and delicate hues of lilac and lavender for décor . . .

{amethyst table lamp by McCoy Design at vivre}

{Oscar de la Renta Crystal ribbon sandals}

{see also Patricia's beautiful post on purple}

{images: 1 - Vogue Italia October 2003, photography by Steve Hiett via déModé; 2 - via apartment therapy; 3 - via desire to inspire; 4 - via scout-holiday; 5 - kristaomic; 6 - john janik; 7 - joanna reyes for vicente villarin; 8 - Miles Redd room via domino; 9 - marie claire maison via classic style in the city; 10 - Editorial: Dinner at 8; Vogue Italia May 2008; Photographer: Steven Miesel; Model: Natalia Vodianova; 11 - Elle Decor March 2008 via Patricia Gray Interior Design; 13 - Editorial: Model & Supermodel; Magazine: Vogue US; Issue: September 2004; Model: Daria Werbowy; Photographer: Steven Meisel via foto decadent; 14 - marie claire maison via the house that a-m built; 16 -
Vanessa Bruno's home via domino; 17 - Easy Living via made by girl; 19 - Janet de Botton's home in Provence 2004 as featured in Vogue Living, Houses Garden People edited by Hamish Bowles}

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{400 square feet of style}

Flipping through a few magazines last week over a morning coffee, and completely fell {along with everyone else} for Rita Konig's West Village apartment as featured in the current issue of Domino. There is so much warmth and style wrapped up in 400 beautiful sqare feet, and the family & friends polaroid display above the fireplace mantel is such a wonderfully fun and creative idea.

{see also:}
Absolutely Beautiful Things

{images: 1 - photography by anna wolf; 2-5 - photography by james merrell; via rita konig's deco book: bank street: starting from scratch, with the exception of image 3 - tig scan from domino September 2008}

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