{400 square feet of style}

Flipping through a few magazines last week over a morning coffee, and completely fell {along with everyone else} for Rita Konig's West Village apartment as featured in the current issue of Domino. There is so much warmth and style wrapped up in 400 beautiful sqare feet, and the family & friends polaroid display above the fireplace mantel is such a wonderfully fun and creative idea.

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{images: 1 - photography by anna wolf; 2-5 - photography by james merrell; via rita konig's deco book: bank street: starting from scratch, with the exception of image 3 - tig scan from domino September 2008}

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Blogger please sir said...

Yep...I love it...what a great style in such a small place!

September 22, 2008  
Blogger Aysia said...

I am in awe of how people can make the most of small spaces :)

September 22, 2008  
Blogger SimplyGrove said...

I'm in love:)

September 22, 2008  
Blogger Dana said...

I absolutely love the beautiful details in pink!!

September 22, 2008  
Blogger thehomebound said...

I love it too. I especially like the photo collage above her mantel. I am sort of obsessing about collages right now.

September 22, 2008  
Blogger karina said...

Lovely place!
I love the polaroids above the fireplace mantel

September 22, 2008  
Blogger Eileen L. Fay said...

Not really feeling all the postcards/photos above the fireplace, but I love the rest! I always knew instinctively what I liked in interior design, but until I came across this blog, I had never been able to articulate it.

September 22, 2008  
Blogger Brandi said...

amazing blog. love it!

September 22, 2008  
Blogger thevintagechair said...

I'm also smitten with this apartment! I also can't get enough of your blog. LOVE it! Stop by sometime and say hello!

September 23, 2008  
Blogger .vanessa said...

wow love that wall of polaroids!!!! great post!

September 23, 2008  
Anonymous Chelsea said...

I know I am totally obsessed!

September 23, 2008  
Blogger kay* said...

this is so lovely. i've already added it to my inspiration files. feminine, airy, perfect. love it.

September 23, 2008  
Blogger Avery Bleu said...

How charming, pretty and cozy!

September 24, 2008  
Blogger Julia said...

Look at the end table :) That's how mine looks, completely overcome with books and diddly stuff :) What great images!

September 24, 2008  
Blogger grenadine said...

Love the picture wall. I only have a smallish collection of Polaroids but I'm going to start putting them up!

September 25, 2008  
Blogger ParisBreakfasts said...

I looked at this and then went and looked at my copy sitting on the kitchen table & low & behold! There was a watercolor I gave Rita to the left of the pig's rear end!

September 25, 2008  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

Eileen L. Fay -- loved your comment :)

Brandi and thevintagechair -- thank you!

grenadine -- sounds fantastic -- would love to see photos

parisbreakfasts -- how completely cool!

September 29, 2008  

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