{happy halloween!}

Hope you have fun things planned for tonight -- be certain to eat too much candy and snuggle up with the ones you love by the glow of jack-o-lanterns.

Have a magical weekend, everyone!

{image: via démodé}




Leaving certainty behind for a new high-gloss adventure today, and amidst the champagne and excitement lies a warm nostalgia and a little sentimentality -- there are old friends to bid farewell to, and new friends to meet . . .

"A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are for."

{And life is an adventure.}

{kisses for P. for the surprise of such a lovely and thoughtful gift and for unfailingly knowing exactly what i need. . .}

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

{images: top - cropped & edited from original: TypeNeu; bottom - tatielle; quote 1 by John A. Shedd; quote 2 by Dr. Seuss}

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{inspiration: shoes for display}

Came across this charming apartment on a garden square in Bayswater, London that uses antique display cases for shoes and have always loved this storage solution.

It reminded me of an earlier post of a place {below} that used
beautiful library storage as a sophisticated display case for shoes and clutches that were simply too pretty to hide away . . .

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{images: 1 - apartment living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, photography by Winfried Heinze; 2 - tearsheet from a back issue of livingetc. originally posted on February 27, 2008}

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{a new week + sequins}

Have always liked the way sequins glimmer when they catch the light and the sense of playful luxe they evoke . . .

Beautiful, show-stopping pieces bring Fall’s casual looks to a rich, sophisticated level by adding pure glamour to layered knits and turning laid-back looks into timeless, cosmopolitan style.

{photography by M. Holden}

{my shoes, photographed by p.}

{vintage 70s black sequin slouch crop top from persephone vintage via living in andyland}

{Muse #13 June 2008 : Coco Rocha by Horst Diekgerdes}

{images; 1+4 - Harper's Bazaar, November 2008, photography by Alexei hay via i know what you wore last summer; 6+ 7 - photography by C. Meyer}

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{french urns + pheasant feathers}

Happened upon these lovely Fall table settings while happily browsing last week and fell for all the wonderful layers, attention to detail, and the feeling of having just returned from a walk in the highlands or an afternoon of horseback riding . . .

{images: 1 - Country Living via perfectbound; 2 - Brides.com via perfectbound; 3 - via perfectbound; all images cropped and edited by TIG}

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{fallen leaves}

{Pania Rose for Swedish Elle via Creative Archive}
It has been a little overcast for the past few days, and today the sun shone warmly and brightly, taking a bit of the briskness out of the Autumn winds laden with fallen leaves.

And there's nothing like warm mustard tones and pretty flowery patterns to lift the gloom on those dreary days . . .
{Lily Donaldson, British Vogue October 2008}
{editorial: Sunday Girl, British Vogue, February 2005, photography by Carter Smith}
{Lily Donaldson, British Vogue October 2008}
{Lily Donaldson, British Vogue September 2008}

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{lost in a good book}

The coffee table is currently buried under pile upon pile of fashion and design hardcover books and magazines, and rather than stow them away on shelves or in armoires, I rather like the idea of neat and colourful stacks tucked in a well-lit corner alongside art and elegant hatboxes, as in Hervé Pierre's Manhatten apartment, which is described as a combination of "fun, frenchness and fashion history" . . .

{Sounds just about perfect.}

For those who prefer a more neutral palette, classic built-ins in warm tones and books shelved with their ends facing outward create a softer, more unified space.

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> a pretty endtable magazine rack
> stacks of magazines for a desk
> stacks of magazines for a bench

{images: 1 - House & Garden, November 2002, photography by James Waddell; 2 - apartment living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, photography by Winfried Heinze}

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{emma gordon | london}

Pretty, pretty sliver satin clutch from Emma Gordon.

{Georgia Silver Lime from Autumn/Winter 08/09 Collection}

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via Creature Comforts

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{happy weekend!}

Another beautiful, crisp Fall day full of possibilities is dissipating into golden rays of early afternoon sunlight . . . There are old friends to write, projects to complete, and parties to attend . . .

Have a lovely, lovely weekend, everyone!

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{Also, thank you to
a little sussy for the lovely mention, and to orange beautiful / the scoop for this beautiful post}

{image: lolita via US Glamour -- thank you Anastasia!}

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{bright & beautiful}

. . . a stunningly bright and beautiful workspace, complete with dramatic lighting and sexy office chair, nearly the opposite of last week's workspace, and yet equally inspirational . . .

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> daffodil silk

{image via automatism

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{fashion inspiration: church & state}

Love everything about this photo shoot by Chris Hornbecker -- the framing, the styling, the Maine trench.

{Church & State via Orange Beautiful; click here to view the lookbook}

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{lavender & gold}

Had been trying to configure an artful arrangement of all my favourite paintings, photographs, and artwork, that is, until I happened across the simplicity of this exclusive arrangement of fashion illustrations. The uniform gold frames against the deep lavender adds a beautifully luxe and elegant element to an otherwise perfectly simple grouping.

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pretty NY apartment

{image: H&H September 2008, photography by Angus Fergusson}

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{long strands of necklaces}

Alongside wonderful workstations, always find such inspiration in the artful displays of vanities, dresserscapes, and bedside tables -- there's such a personal element in the pretty framed photographs, long strands of necklaces, collection of perfume bottles, vintage leather boxes and sterling jewel catch-alls that reveal so much about a person . . .

{images: 1 - from an old domino tearsheet; 2 - photography by Max Kim-Bee for domino September 2006, scanned and edited in Photoshop for this post by TIG; 3 - domino - thanks, Felicity!}

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And while we're on the subject of artful arrangements, Imke Klee has the loveliest photographed collections of beautifully arranged things . . .

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{happy weekend!}

There are many things to celebrate, so there will be champagne . . .
Have a beautiful, beautiful weekend, everyone!

{image via flying saucer}

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Currently wearing a stack of four rings -- a peridot and a citrine, both from Paris, and an opal and a diamond, both from an ex-boyfriend . . . Seems the trend is catching on, with Iosselliani's fun collection of pre-stacked rings in different and beautiful combinations.

{Also like their selection of ultra-cool mixed chain necklaces.}

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{one perfect panel}

Happy for the return of patterns this season, and like the idea of using one prettily foiled and softly-hued panel to brighten up a warmly neutral background . . .

{or if you're feeling really adventurous, fetch the scissors and click here}

{images: top - domino; bottom - lund.}

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{a new week + loeffler randall}

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We left the city behind for a few days for a little adventurous fun and a change of scenery . . .

{daydreamy images from Loeffler Randall's Fall 2008 lookbook}

{and beautiful, beautiful shoes from the new Spring/Summer lookbook;
click here for more images}

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{the afternoon away}

Many beautiful memories of swinging the afternoon away in pretty dresses, feeling perfectly carefree, hair flying behind me . . . . And then discovered this incredible loft swing, with its promise of indoor carefree happiness, any time of day, in any weather and completely fell in love with the idea . . .

{not unlike Christian Louboutin's office trapeze}

{images: 1 - lolita; 2 - desire to inspire

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{patterns + prada}

Inspired by the wonderfully cheerful mix of colours and patterns in this workspace, especially when paired with an antique telephone, industrial desk, and {if you look closely}, a pair of Prada blossom-heeled pumps strewn beautifully and carelessly on the floor . . .

{1 - from an e-mail from cameron: 2 - editorial: Pyjama Party; magazine: Vogue Paris, November/December 2007/2008; model: Sasha Pivovarova; photographer: Mark Segal; image via Vanessa's lovely blog}

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{shoes, shoes, shoes}

There are lovely shoes all over our place, displayed on shelves, bookcases, atop dressers . . . far too beautiful to be hidden away, and yet perhaps a little impractical to have them strewn about, so imagine my excitement in discovering these wonderful wall-mounted shelves . . .

{images: Lund.}

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{a little glitz}

Adding a little glitz at home can be as simple as a beautiful piece of art, mixed with comptemporary classics and antique finds . . .

Above, a luxurious panel of gold in the dining room, paired with bright accents and an all-white backdrop, the look is elegantly light and wonderfully sophisticated.

Shimmering gold tiles installed along the outside of a vintage claw-foot bathtub create an impossibly luxurious atmosphere . . .

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{images: 1 - livingetc. November 2005; 2 - tearsheet from a back issue of livingetc.; 3 - Sicis}

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