{happy new year}

. . . such excitement for what lies ahead . . . always a little sentimental at New Year's, and wanted to say thank you for making the past year such fun -- it's been lovely, and there are exciting things planned for 2009!

Wishing everyone a beautiful New Year, filled with love, happiness, and the promises of many new adventures ahead . . .

Happy, happy New Year!

{images: 1 - flickr via tutti dolce; 2 - editorial: Noctambule; magazine: Vogue Paris May 2007; model: Daria Werbowy; photographer: Terry Richardson; credit: berlinrocks at TFS; this is a scheduled post}

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{holiday bliss + links}

. . . still in holiday bliss and excited to see what the New Year will bring -- stopping in with a few links and to say hello . . . hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

jimmy backius, party dress, black and white photography, this is glamorous
{from the side project:}
pretty yellow daisy
the perfect gray
editorial: another woman
* selections from doo-ri

{images: 1 - the style files; 2 - jimmy backius ; 3 - nate berkus; 4 - editorial: another woman}

more links here

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{merry christmas}

Wintry inspiration on these, the last softly falling snow days before Christmas . . . off for the rest of week for some much-anticipated time away, and wishing you holidays filled with laughter and warmth and someone to hold you close . . .

Happy, happy holidays!

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{happily exhausted + links}

Happily exhausted and yet can barely contain the Christmas excitement . . . shopping nearly complete, weeks filled with dinner reservations, holiday parties and lovely soirées, and now, nearly Christmas . . .

Hope everyone is having a lovely, lovely weekend!

{lovely links before Christmas:}
* 12 lovely things II
* a pretty polish paper chandelier
* all-out festive party outfits
* until dawn {almost like snowflakes}
* perfect for New Year's
* flutters of fabric
* a swish of tulle
* red hair & a bit of lace
* lovely garlands
* a bright and airy space
* currently daydreaming . . .
* an ultra-chic holiday wish list
* black butterflies at dior homme

{images: 1 - Country Home September 2006, photography by Erik Johnson, via interior divine; 2 - ffffound!; 3 - marie claire maison via automatism, all photo-editing by this is glamorous}

A warm thank you to Hayden-Harnett, for the thoughtful and unexpected gift.

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{beautifully intricate}

Always many wonderful things happening in art, and as with Karen Knorr's Fables of Nature & Culture, which was a great pleasure to view in Paris last summer, am completely inspired by these beautifully delicate works . . .

Playfully light and lovely watercolour illustrations {above} by Christina Drejenstam. {via creative archive}

Amazingly intricate and beautiful paper designs {above & below} by London-based Russian graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya.

{via today and tomorrow

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{christmas time in the city}

Shades of blue, white, gold and pink may have replaced the traditional red & green of Christmases past, and yet . . . there's still nothing quite like the sheer vibrancy of this festively saturated hue that celebrates the holiday spirit quite like red . . .

vibrant Christmas red{images: 1 - cachemire & soie; 2 - martha stewart; 3 - gemma ward, vogue spain february 2007; 3 - tumblr; 4 - gemma ward; 5 - flickr; 6 gemma ward for valentino FW2006; all flickr links above via design is mine}

{glamour on the side:}
* vibrant party dresses
* all-out festive fun {via vanessa}

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{passionate kisses}

Came across this sexy photographic series called, kissing couples by Michael Creagh, along with a wonderfully passionate outdoor wedding kiss . . .

{One of my favourite things about Christmas is mistletoe.}

{images: 1 - from the series: kissing couples by michael creagh; 2 - east side bride}

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{gifts for the kitchen}

{silver-plated coffee, tea and sugar canisters for your favourite Parisian cousin's ex-girlfriend, who just may be the coolest girl ever, and whose quintessential French-ness gives her impeccable taste}

{organic Christmas pudding for your British boyfriend's lovely British mother who has never made it an issue that you do not know how to cook, tries to fatten you up with decadent cakes and other delicious desserts, and has always treated you as part of the family}

{hand-made multi-coloured sugar tablets for your favourite friends, because even skinny girls in skinny jeans can't resist breaking off pretty pieces of pastel sugar tablets in their morning lattés}

{organic fairtrade chocolate for your hairstylist who looks like David Beckham, refuses to give you bangs, and since you always leave the salon feeling like the most beautiful girl around, who are you to argue?}

{hand-stencilled tea towels for your elegant grandmother in the south of France who loves to bring out all the old photo albums of when you were five, has beautiful table manners and loves anything that's monogrammed}

{more fantastic gift ideas:}
* boyfriend
* fashionista friend
* best friend
* mother

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{a new week & sequined reflections}

And here, beautiful, beautiful sequined reflections . . .

Have always had a deep appreciation for photography, especially
underwater photography, which adds a stunning, ethereal quality in the very languidness of the mood of each shot.

{image: fashion.love.}

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{happy weekend + monogrammed linens}

Hope you find some time to relax and lie about this weekend . . . it's getting colder and after all the Christmas shopping is complete, cozy and indoors by candlelight or the fire, or wrapped up with your favourite person in monogrammed linens is the best place to be . . .

Have a beautiful, beautiful weekend, everyone!

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{holiday inspiration: artful arrangements}

Recently came across this unusual and unusually beautiful arrangement of baby flowering kale {above} and was reminded of a Swedish florist who created wonderful wreathes of fruits and vegetables . . .

Amazingly creative wreathes made of everyday {edible} objects such as artichokes, Brussels sprouts and fallen apples that, after careful arrangement, become anything but ordinary, and add a charming twist to festive tradition.

{mustard leaves and green kale in a dramatically dark vase}

{images: 1 & 4- domino september 2006, photography by mikkel vang; all wreathes via the lovely swedish blog blomsterverkstad}

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{perfectly chilled}

Have been coming across many lovely festive ideas for holiday celebrations, but by far one of my favourites is chilling champagne by candle light . . .

Have you seen this amazing work of art?

{image: livingetc. via alkemie}

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{smitten + a best friend gift list}

Every year, during the holidays and just before Christmas, my best friend and I make plans for dinner and a gift exchange, so was completely delighted to be invited by the fun & lovely Joanna of A Cup of Jo to compile a best friend gift list for Smitten.

{click here for a few great gift ideas for your best friend}

{images: 1 - holiday 2008 j.crew catalogue; 2 - shoes by chanel via starbucks and jane austen}

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{fun-loving ways + moments of repose}

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and was able to find a little time to relax before the busy-ness of the holidays begins, if it hasn't already. Between dinners, being out and about and home again for a little re-organizing, the weekend was filled with fun-loving ways and a few stolen moments of repose before the start of a new and happily busy week . . .

Fun and exciting things planned for this week, including more festive cheer and some lovely gift ideas at some of my favourite places

{a few posts on the side:}
* black lace + pink ruffles
* editorial: bella de nuit
* the party dress

{images: 1 - vice 2008, cabin fever via i know what you wore last season; 2 - Alex & Jann Cresswell-Turner's London home as featured in Homes & Gardens December 2008, photography by Spike Powell; 3 - chanel fall winter 2001 ad campaign via starbucks and jane austen}

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{a blue christmas}

Having such fun sifting through boxes of Christmas ornaments and sentimental things . . .

{Do you go all-out with holiday decorating, and if yes, how soon do you begin?}

{images: 1 - photography by lisa cohen; 2 - current j.crew catalogue, cropping & photo-editing by tig; 3- country homes via flickr}

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