{spring blossoms + lovely links}


Blogger Jane Flanagan said...

Oh that top image is divine!

April 01, 2009  
Anonymous ashley@decorology said...

Those flowers are so stunning they don't even look real!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Beatriz Kim said...

So beautifully elegant, feminine, romantic, and soothing! Absolutely wonderful! Love your blog!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Brigadeiro said...

Loved the macaroons & lego business cards! April Food Day is a brilliant idea ;)

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Romantic Pansy said...

oh... how can you do it? you always surprise me..... it is so pretty...

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely pictures, especially the last one!
Great post and thank you for Beautiful links.

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

Those flowers are SO pretty! Loved pretty lovely things blog too!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Cassiopeia said...

such cute cards... great, relaxing images. yum.



April 01, 2009  
Blogger E said...

The flowers are beautiful, I would love to have loads of them in my apartment. Along with those pillows, please!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

so pretty!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Sam said...

Thank you for featuring my post on bubbles. What a huge honor for a fan like me.


Sam @PrettyLovely

April 01, 2009  
Blogger ZenadiaDesign said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! The colors are so stunning and soft.

April 01, 2009  
Blogger please sir said...

So pretty and full of life!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Meg Fish said...


April 01, 2009  
Anonymous Hudson said...

love the flowers---are they peonies?


April 01, 2009  
Blogger Julia said...

Happy day! What a bright and beautiful post of images!

April 01, 2009  
Blogger Miz.November said...

those rooms and macarons are beautiful. makes me hungry.

April 01, 2009  
Blogger i.d. said...

I loved your happy list. :)

April 01, 2009  
Blogger indigotangerine said...

the middle picture is so wonderful, simplistic but bold.

April 01, 2009  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

Beatriz Kim – thank you!

Brigadeiro & Slices of Beauty – so glad you checked out/liked the links :)

Romantic Pansy – such a lovely comment – thank you!

Sam – you’re so welcome – your post was lovely!

Hudson – believe they’re roses :)

i.d. – thanks so much for reading my happy list!

Hope everyone is well – know am a little behind on a few things . . . working away – thanks for taking the time to stop in :)

April 01, 2009  
Blogger A Day That is Dessert said...

perfect post - so beautiful! Thanks for mentioning food day.

April 02, 2009  
Anonymous Lauren K said...

It's spring everywhere on the blogs but in real life here in Missouri it's still very cold. I want flowers and sunshine.

April 02, 2009  
Blogger kelse said...

looks just lovely

April 02, 2009  
Blogger nuha nuha said...

oh i love your photos!!! and i love the second picture the best! ;]


April 02, 2009  
Blogger daydream lily said...

so pretty, just found your blog, its gorgeous. following!

April 03, 2009  
Blogger porter hovey said...

Awww! This just makes me want spring even more . . . we're so close - can't believe Easter is right around the corner.

April 03, 2009  
Blogger Annette said...

Just planted flowers like these in my garden - can´t wait untill they blossom

April 04, 2009  
Blogger Ashley L. said...

Those flowers are so gorgeous!!

April 08, 2009  
Blogger Joanna Goddard said...

oooh love those flowers!

April 09, 2009  
Blogger Kristin said...

Those legos absolutely rock!

June 01, 2010  

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