{ochre: now & then}

Fell completely for this room -- the large windows, impossibly high ceilings, upholstered bed and stunning bespoke chandelier, only to discover that I had fallen for the very same room a year before . . .

{both images, ochre, the first photographed by anna wolf}

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Blogger Mimi said...

I don't blame you..the room is fabulous! Love Ochre..

June 10, 2009  
Blogger A Gift Wrapped Life said...

No wonder......everything you would need in one little corner! except the mini-bar of course. Gorgeous.

June 10, 2009  
Blogger www.designfabulous.com said...

I love the way they rearranged. Facing the window is a huge improvement and adds interest.

June 10, 2009  
Blogger Callie Grayson said...

funny! i love the image with the bed at an angle. *sigh*

June 10, 2009  
Blogger TERI REES WANG said...

I am madly-deeply-in-lust with that Chandelier!

June 10, 2009  
Anonymous Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought said...

Lol. I can see why you would fall in love twice. So lovely. Both times.

June 10, 2009  
Blogger Rachel said...

found my way here from Tea for Joy and she's right, your blog is truly glamorous!

June 10, 2009  
Blogger wool and misc said...

oh man, this is so gorgeous. even the dog is gray and chic! thanks for sharing!

June 10, 2009  
Blogger Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the chandelier and the bed is totally amazing!!

June 11, 2009  
Blogger deep_in_vogue said...

wow that bed is out of this world!!

June 11, 2009  
Blogger A Life More Fabulous said...

Amazing - and now I've fallen for it too!

June 11, 2009  
Blogger Carla said...

I am with you, completely in love with the first bedroom. I want to dive on that bed and lie there all afternoon. Carla x

June 11, 2009  
Blogger Dana said...

Oh, that chandelier is like a dream!

June 11, 2009  
Blogger Julia said...

It's a version of a sleigh bed that has be all excited. I want to tuck myself in and take a nap :)

June 11, 2009  
Anonymous Anne @ The City Sage said...

Ochre was and is my favourite shop in the ENTIRE WORLD. hands down, no questions asked. I even registered there when we got married!

would happily move into the store and take up residence, but I imagine the shopgirls might have a thing of two to say about that...

June 11, 2009  
Anonymous Christina said...

what a beautiful way to seperate your living space from your sleeping space in a studio APT!

June 11, 2009  
Blogger april~living the sweet life said...

That bed is wonderful!

June 11, 2009  
Blogger Velvet and Linen said...

I agree, Ochre lighting is stunning!


June 11, 2009  
Blogger Liz Powers said...

Just saw this photo on houzz.com--love it. Have you been to that site or am I the last to hear of it?

June 12, 2009  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

A Gift Wrapped Life – completely hilarious about the mini-bar :)

designfabulous – definitely agree about the new arrangement

Rachel – thank you! {and shall remember to thank Tea for Joy as well}

Anne – we practically did move into the shop in NY – there was a huge thunderstorm and it was raining so hard, we had to spend part of the afternoon at Ochre. What a great idea to have a registry there!

Liz – the people at houzz have been e-mailing me to check it out, but only had a few moments – will take a closer when I have more time

As always, thanks for taking the time to say hello -- hope you had a lovely week!

June 12, 2009  
Blogger caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

unbelievable! that chandelier is to die for!
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

June 12, 2009  
Anonymous Patrice said...

The two rooms are equally beautiful. No wonder why you fall i love twice.

June 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if my apartement weren't the size of a shoebox i would find a way to hang a chandelier like this one... i'm pretty sure you can't even have a grumpy day if you come home to something this lovely!

June 12, 2009  
Blogger D.S. said...

Wow that room is fab! No wonder you love it so much. The lighting above the bed is so romantic and the bed itself makes me think of curling up in it with big fluffy pillows and a soft duvet... aaah, I'm getting sentimental just thinking about it!

June 12, 2009  
Blogger Mélanie said...

Love this room ,I prefer the 1st picture . And I'm dying for that chandelier and the 3 "miroir aux sorcières " on the wall

June 12, 2009  
Blogger Freshly Found said...

Good to know you are consistent in your taste!

June 12, 2009  

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