{wishing you a glamorous new year}

. . . last day of the year and a wild and wonderful whirlwind it's been -- thank you for coming along on this beautiful adventure -- there's so much to look forward to, but best of all, a brand new year filled with the promise of new beginnings . . .

wishing you a happy & glamorous new year, where ever you may be,

{p.s.} as always, some things you may have missed:
* colour inspiration: hazy shade of winter
* two lovely things: chandeliers + party shoes
* at home with: elie saab, paris
* glamorous guide: champagne
* new year's inspiration: little white dress

{kate via a previous post; champagne via a previous post
; also: chocolate champagne truffles in sparkling sugar}

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{new year's inspiration: guide to champagne}

. . . before the clock strikes midnight tonight, we will have toasted a glass {or two} of champagne, bidding farewell to one year, and welcoming a new . . .

"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!"
~ dom perignon, at the moment he discovered champagne

{a glamorous guide to champagne:}
champagne, a light sparkling wine made only in the champagne region of northeastern france, is different from all other sparkling wines in the world for three major reasons:
* a wine can only be labeled as champagne if it is made in the champagne region of france
* to be called champagne, it must be made only from the pinot noir, pinot meunier, or chardonnay grapes which grow in that region
* true champagne, as opposed to other sparkling wines, gets its bubbles by undergoing the fermentation process twice: once in barrels and again in bottles

* temperature determines the rate at which bubbles in champagne are released -- a bottle should not be opened at room temperature, as it will quickly froth up and go flat
* chill ideally to 40-45 °F {4.5-7 °C}, the lower temperature for parties and receptions where the room temperature is likely to rise
* chill champagne in a refrigerator for a couple of hours, but try not to leave it longer than a day, as the cork may stick or shrink
* emergency chilling in the coldest part of a freezer for 15 minutes is fine
* a bucket of ice and water (never just ice, as the water is essential for transferring temperatures) is still one of the best and quickest ways to chill a bottle of champagne, but faster still are the gel-filled jackets that are kept in the freezer and slip over the bottle for about six minutes

* remove the foil to begin, or simply score around the base of the wire cage, then gently untwist the wire and loosen the bottom of the cage, but do not remove it
* holding the base of the bottle with your other hand, twist both ends slowly in opposite directions, backwards and forwards
* as soon as you feel pressure forcing the cork out, try to push it back in while continuing the twisting operation ever more gently until the cork is released from the bottle with a sigh, not a bang
do not tilt the glass and pour gently down the inside, but top up each glass to between two-thirds and three-quarters full, and no more
* do not chill the glasses ahead of time, either by filling them with ice cubes or crushed ice, as it will have a negative effect on the release of the bubbles and the bouquet of the champagne

* a flute or a tulip-shaped glass is ideal, but nearly any vessel other than a coupe will do -- the wide, shallow coupe is the worst possible choice for champagne, as the mousse goes flat far too quickly and the wine's aroma can not be appreciated
* whatever glass shape used, the finer the rim the better
* if you have fine crystal, be sure to use it -- the irregularities in this elegant glass keep the bubbles alive longer

santé! /

{images: 1 - scarlett johansson for möet et chandon; 2 - style me pretty; 3 - livingetc; more information: laurel hiestand, marie claire, bbc, tom stevenson's champagne & sparkling wine guide}

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{at home with: elie saab, paris}

fashion designer elie saab's paris apartment on {this is glamorous}. . . completely swept away by this stunningly beautiful bedroom in fashion designer elie saab's paris apartment -- the mirrored screens and four-post bed, the satin-trimmed pillows, and most of all, the spectacularly over-sized blossoming branches that may be just the thing for getting through the winter . . .

{p.s.} more at home with:
* jessica alba
* marc jacobs, paris
* carter smith
* alexander wang

{image: ad via white & wander, interior design by chakib richani architects, photography by marina faust}

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{new year's inspiration: little white dress}

. . . this new year's, wearing a little white dress, inspired by romantic swirls of delicate snowflakes and warm winter whites . . .

{p.s.} other fun ideas -- the always classic little black dress, and of course, bows, ruffles and sequins:

{more new year's inspiration:}
* mrs lilien: show-stopping chanel
* le blog de betty: snow queen tiara
* the cherry blossom girl: paris in the snow
* lace & tea: covered in rhinestones
* more white for new year's: marchesa

{images: a glamorous little side project}

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{two lovely things: chandeliers + party shoes}

{colour inspiration: hazy shade of winter}

. . . still very much in holiday mode, with a luxuriously late start this morning, filled with daydreams, freshly ground coffee and buttery croissants, and so: taking a few moments to languish in the last few days of the year, welcoming the grey winter days and cozy fire-lit nights filled with excitement for the new adventures that lie ahead . . .

{images: 1 & 2 - belgian pearls; 3 - the society inc.; 4 - apartment therapy; 5 - apartment therapy; 6 - apartment therapy + rough linen; 7 - fashion gone rogue}

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{merry, merry!}

hello again! had been hoping to stop by much earlier after the weekend, but things are happily chaotic and there pine cones and sequined shoes, bits of gold-leaf and lavender ribbon, boxes unwrapped and {unbelievably} last-minute gifts and it's christmas time in the city . . .

wishing you holidays filled with food, friends and family, and most of all, warmth & happiness -- merry christmas!

{p.s.} a few new & lovely things:
* colour inspiration: warm winter whites
* holiday inspiration: christmas berries + winter blossoms
* photographer: maria dawlat

{via a glamorous little side project; special thanks to a thing for & felicity for all the inspiration xo}

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{holiday inspiration: warm winter whites}

{this is glamorous}, warm winter whites

. . . a return to warm winter whites, a marble vanity strewn with murano glass, petals and pretty things, or floating drops of crystal suspended, as sparkling, sun-reflected and perfectly falling snow . . .

{images: 1 - tumblr; 2 - from the right bank}

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{photographer: maria dawlat}

. . . quite adore the work of of brussels-based photographer maria dawlat: the warm lighting and quiet nostalgia, the ruffles and rhinestones and festive events -- but most of all, the little glimpses of perfect moments in time . . .

{photography by maria dawlat via a thing for + felicity -- thank you!}

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{links + lovely news}

. . . a most exciting & perfect week, and still much to look forward to: twirls of ribbon and pretty parcels to wrap, twinkling fairy lights and frosted shop windows, lost in late nights and lingering champagne brunches . . .

{as always, some things you may have missed:}
* on styling: fuchsia & carrera
* make a difference: pencils of promise
* stylist: faye toogood
* pretty party dresses: layers & layers of tulle
* gift wrapping: white on white & rhinestones
* colour inspiration: cultured pearls & marble
* eco-chic: wine bottle centerpieces
* holiday inspiration: warm slate & evergreen
* for the weekend: a few lovely links

{p.s.} lovely news, for those who haven't yet heard:
thank you to the london times for listing {this is glamorous} as one of 50 of the world's best design blogs!

. . . and of course, thank you for always taking a moment to stop by and for making this year a perfectly wonderful xo

{images:partyparty by confettisystem}

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{holiday inspiration: gift wrapping}

. . . although this year it's all heavy kraft paper and endless lengths of velvet smokey lavender ribbon, also adore the idea of white on white opalescence and starfish, and shiny satin ribbons embellished with vintage and glittery rhinestone pins . . .

{p.s.} more gift wrapping inspiration: diamonds & stars

{images: 1 - country living via verdigris; 2 - victoria january 2003 via haute design}

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{holiday inspiration: wine bottle centerpieces}

. . . eco-chic & perfect for holiday parties: beautiful clusters of clear glass wine bottles in a festive grouping, candles a-glow with pure romance and perfect flickers of light . . .

{scan by tig: photography by tom mannion for elle decoration december 2009}

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{christmas berries + winter blossoms}

. . . inspired by the artful arrangements of jet black lace and satin, soft ruffles and crimson berries intermingled with snow-white winter blossoms in these stunningly lovely shots by talented barcelona-based photographers bela adler & salvador fresneda . . .

* more photographs
* top left: lacy shoes

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{of cultured pearls & marble}

. . . a marble top victorian sink, antique lace and bits or coral like snowflakes, scallop shells and luminous cultured pearls set against an insanely romantic and soft & pretty palette for those snowy, snowy afternoons spent dreaming, dreaming . . .

{p.s.} also:
* happy december + smokey lavender
* colour inspiration: glimpses of pink
* the scent of lilacs
* inspiration: pinkish lavender, still
* spent daydreaming

{images: 1, 3, 4, 5 - photography by mike daines, scan by moodboard from elle decoration december 2002; 2&6 scan by tig from elle decoration}

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{christmas time in the city}

. . . a few quiet moments before it all begins . . .

. . . and a few lovely links for the weekend & holidays:

* for holiday parties: silk rope & rhinestones
* cute, cute!: a swedish dog
* holiday DIY: a place for all those lovely christmas cards
* j.crew: weddings or the holidays
* for festive soirées: multi-jeweled rings
* before + after: matthew's dining room
* holiday inspiration: tartan table
* for the new year: 2010 calender round-up
* snowflake curtain
{via design crush}

{images: 1 - martha stewart;2 -
runway to editorial: christian dior; 3 - patrycja. on

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{holiday inspiration: warm slate + evergreen}

. . . quietly floating snowflakes and prettily wrapped packages, napkins tied with mistletoe and candles wrapped in satin, and most of all, happy anticipation in this, the most magical time of the year

hope you're having a wonderful holiday season,

{images:1 & 4 - veranda via delight by design; 2 - polly wreford; 3 - martha stewart}

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{of golden sands and crystal brooks}

. . . whirling around in a flurry of holiday festivities, last-minute shopping, cupcakes and lunch dates, leaving a beautiful pile of pretty party dresses and layers and layers of tulle behind . . .

a fun new feature at the side project: runway to editorial

{images: a glamorous little side project}

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