{dreaming of a january thaw}

. . . has been snowing all day and still -- and despite fighting a cold {tissues and cough drops and lemon and honey}, looking forward to being cozy by candlelight, even while resisting thoughts of spending the rest of winter on the beaches of sunny spain . . .

{images:1 - tig, photography morten holtum via visual notes - thanks, josephine!; 2 - photography by ellen von unwerth; 3 - fieldandsea via creature comforts; 4 - jannypanns via snippet & ink}

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Blogger Kristina (Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly) said...

hang in there! it will warm up eventually! :)

January 05, 2010  
Blogger this one said...

i love all the white on your blog! so pretty. lets think of warm pretty things!

January 05, 2010  
Blogger Wikifashion and Lola said...

The top picture is sooo incredibly beautiful, if only I could crawl into that bed and have a nap :)

January 05, 2010  
Blogger Mi Vida Bonita said...

Oh how nice to spend an entire summer in Spain!

January 05, 2010  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

kristina -- thank you -- certain will feel much better about the wintery weather when not sniffling with a cold :)

January 05, 2010  
Blogger diamondsinchampagne said...

That second picture is magical

January 05, 2010  
Blogger nikki said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!
They are so beautiful and glamorous!
I love love love your posts they are always fabulous!


January 06, 2010  
Anonymous Carole said...

Just love that cosy nook behind the fire. Would love to crawl in there for the rest of the day. I haven't left a comment before but I have been reading your blog for a while. I always find something to inpire me. Keep up the good work. x

January 06, 2010  
Blogger Coquette and Dove said...

Oooooh...I want to wear that dress, and lay on that bed day dreaming... Bliss!

January 06, 2010  
Blogger SogniSorrisi said...

Love the first two pictures! The first one seems like the perfect cozy room to be in on a winter day.

January 06, 2010  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

nikki -- so sweet -- thanks so much!

carole -- so happy you've come out to say hello -- thank you for the thoughtful comment

hope everyone is having a lovely week,

January 06, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

put the "bookish afternoon" look on, lay on this bed, and you have - heaven.

thanks for your visit to my blog~

January 06, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Photo one has totally inspired my master bedroom remodel. THANK YOU!
xo Mish


January 06, 2010  
Anonymous Mrs. D said...

I'm in love with the white piano. All the white looks so clean and fresh and full of possibility.

January 06, 2010  
Blogger K8 said...

it has been snowing incessantly (in Pittsburgh) for waaay to many days now. I agree with you I just want my man, a cup of hot cocoa, and a fireplace.
Love the pics.

Fashion X K8.blogspot

January 06, 2010  
Anonymous teebarnes said...

I could crawl into this bed right now!
That bed is calling for warm bodies!

January 06, 2010  
Blogger Easy and Elegant Life said...

I love having four seasons, but could do without cold and wet at the same time.

Hang in there. A hot toddy won't make you any better, but you'll feel a little perkier.

January 06, 2010  
Blogger Miz.November said...

I wish I had that cozy little nook up top to curl up in. Hope you feel better soon.

January 06, 2010  
Blogger josephine said...

love your blogs and all the gorgeous eye candy you feature! the first photo is one of my favs - it's on my inspiration board - and it's by photographer morten holtum, i believe.

i could use a week on a sunny, spanish beach, too!

January 06, 2010  
Blogger Kelley L. Moore said...

All I would need is a hot toddy and that first picture is exactly where I would want to be right now. Cuddled up by the fire in a dreamy white room!

January 06, 2010  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

easy and elegant life – it’s true – four seasons are wonderful, even if winter feels a little overwhelming at times, especially after the holidays – not to worry – shall be feeling back to normal in no time -- and good advice – a hot toddy may be just the thing...

miz.november – thank you :)

josephine – thanks so much! + yes! it is morten holtum – had completely forgotten in all this feeling under the weather drama – thank you


January 06, 2010  
Blogger Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Even if it looks cold, it looks really pretty! Loving your Winter Wonderland post!

January 06, 2010  
Blogger Joanna Goddard said...

oooh loving all these gorgeous images!!! you have such an amazing eye.

January 07, 2010  
Blogger alli michelle said...

The piano & wood floors all in white looks amazing. Love it!

January 07, 2010  
Blogger Anabel Fournier said...

Love the white doilies. I make tiny doilies and snowflakes for my Christmas tree every year.

January 07, 2010  
Blogger The Lil Bee said...

I hope you feel better soon, lovey:) And is there anything cozier than a fireplace in the bedroom? I think not.

January 08, 2010  
Blogger pen.ny said...

That first image is what I wish my whole house looked like! gorgeous, I am a big fan of a small stack of wood in the home!

January 08, 2010  
Anonymous Katherine said...

Beautiful collection of photos - except that they make me think maybe this endless snow is worth staying inside after all.

January 08, 2010  
Blogger Rock N Revolution said...

So beautiful!

January 11, 2010  
Blogger Sheena Miller said...

loving this dress! who is it by?

January 25, 2010  
Blogger Lexzi said...

I know this post is way old but i need to know who the dress is by. Love, love the dress. want it.

June 09, 2010  

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