{have a magical halloween weekend}

happy weekend

. . . if there were talk previously, about time having flown, there is no comparison for the month of october, which nearly already seems as a distant dream . . . and for now, there is the thought of pumpkin pie and flickering candlelight, old friends to be reacquainted with and new memories to make, long walks and clasped hands amidst the last of the fallen leaves . . . and whether gilded pumpkins or mysterious & enchanted masquerades, wishing you the most magical weekend . . .
see you again next week & hope it's beautiful where you are,
~ roséline xo

{p.s.} special thanks to those who took a moment to leave travel recommendations for italy xoxo
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{& new for the weekend:}
* fashion inspiration: dark sequins & gunmetal
* light & lively: white & gold for all hallow's eve

{images: a charming mix of things}

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{white & gold for all hallow's eve}





. . . positively smitten with the idea of white and gold for halloween -- delicate garlands made of lacy doilies and white pumpkins among gold confetti, silver flatware on white linen and elegant packages for stylish guests, tied in the most charming polka dotted ribbon . . .

{p.s.} brushed in gold

{photography by
andrea dozier for hooray}

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{florence, rome, capri, sorrento & athens . . .}


. . . one of the loveliest things about writing a blog is receiving so wonderful letters from readers from around the world -- thoughtful words and lovely thoughts, and sometimes, questions or requests for recommendations, such as glamorous reader katie's, who is planning an upcoming art history trip and would love any travel suggestions you may have for florence, rome, capri, sorrento & athens . . .

Hi Roseline,

I love your blog and read it everyday for the dreamy, enchanting images; you really have fantastic taste.

I'm going on a high-school trip with my art history class to Italy for 11 days this summer (2 of which will be spent in an airplane), and was hoping you might have some recommendations for while I am there. I want to feel like Audrey in Roman Holiday!

I don't know that you've been to any of the places I'm traveling to (Florence, Rome, Capri, Sorrento, and Athens), since I can't remember ever seeing any posts about your own trips there, but if you have or if you know anyone who has been to any of those spots, I'd really appreciate your suggestions.

During the day we're mostly going to museums,galleries, and the like, but we seem to have afternoons and nights free (although I think we may all be going to same places for dinner, because the itinerary says that breakfast and dinner are included). I know we're not staying in particularly nice hotels, so I was really hoping for a way to make the trip as fabulous as possible. My parents are paying for most of the trip, so I'm in charge of spending money (for lunch, shopping, extra activities), so I can essentially spend as much as I can make before the trip, although, being 17, I'm still going to have a relatively small budget.

We'll be going to Florence for three days, Rome for two, Capri for one (and spending the night in Sorrento since the accommodations on Capri are so expensive), and then Athens for two days, I believe. If you have any recommendations for any of those places, such as cafés, shops, beaches in Capri or Sorrento, or any other lovely spots, I'd so love to try to accommodate them into my trip.

Thank you so much for any suggestions and for your lovely, lovely blog,

{image: tati cotliar and melissa tammerijn by benjamin alexander huseby for harper's bazaar US, october 2010 via oh}

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{at the shops: ralph lauren, paris}








. . . there has been much talk about ralph lauren's new flagship store in the quartier latin on the left bank in paris: housed in an 18th-century city mansion across the boulevard saint-germain from the café de flore, it was built on the foundations of an old monastery and completed in 1754; over the centuries, it has been a private home, the dutch embassy, the carnegie foundation for international peace, and, most recently, a government office building

through the carriage entrance and cobblestone courtyard is where you will find ralph's, the shop's polo-chic restaurant with tables in the old stables, {in the summertime, the courtyard}; there is a bar in the old tack room, and the place is enveloped in warm wood and leather chairs; here, you will find a menu of american classics -- new england clam chowder and maryland style lump crab cakes, crispy southern fried chicken, and, of course, seared double RL ranch steak . . .

{p.s.} previous at the shops:
* neology by mina, brooklyn
* mrs. press, australia
* rothschild & bickers, uk
* billy bride, australia
* satomi kawakita, new york

{all images by alix at the cherry blossom girl; some background from newsweek}

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{fashion inspiration: the pantsuit}




. . . while most often in skinny jeans and tall leather boots by day and dresses sprinkled with sequins by night, always secretly loved the formal days of dressing up in trouser suits or pantsuits for meetings & appointments, especially if they are influenced in part by the sophisticated seventies, or a modern interpretation of the sexiest pantsuit of all, yves saint laurent's le smoking . . .

{p.s.} more work wear & a three-piece

{images: jacquelyn jablonski by victor demarchelier for harper's Bazaar US, november 2010 via oh fashion models}

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{fashion inspiration: gold flower cluster necklace}


. . . the sometimes chilly evenings are inspiring rather festive thoughts -- sequins and stardust and this wonderfully exquisite cluster of golden blossoms, as perfect for a 12:30pm working lunch {clam chowder, floral notebooks & fountain pens}, as for 7:30pm reservations with oysters to start and a dashing dinner companion . . .

{p.s.} also reminds me of: dancing until dawn

{rosa necklace by citrine by the stones}

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{colour inspiration: autumn greens & golds}














EXCLUSIVE: Model Kate Moss Rolls with it


. . . monday comes in shades of green & gold -- westminster and huntington, chardonnay and woodside moss -- and even while there are overcast skies, and soon, the last of the fallen leaves, there is the warmth of these elegant and regal hues, and along with them, a certain anticipation of things to come, or perhaps the anticipation could be attributed to the start of a new week and so many beautiful things to look forward to in the days and weeks ahead . . .

{images: keira knightley by mario testino for vogue september 2008 via ru glamour; pretty stuff; david wiseman via haute design; enterprise hotel, milano, italy; the glamorai; the cherry blossom girl; the diversion project; walker zanger via linen & lavender; from me to you; charles anastase via style.com; designer lucien rees-roberts via remodelista; billy bride; photographed by pascal chevallier for house & garden october 2005 via moodboard; candid, kate moss & rolls-royce}

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{have a glamorous weekend + links}

happy weekend

. . . the weekend began with a cocktail called starlight, dinner for two and peach, olive oil & rosemary upside down cake with vanilla ice cream & poached farm peaches & pistachio for dessert, a decadently late and leisurely saturday morning, chandeliers at nightfall and a charming local pub, the impossible romance of the rain against the window panes, and most of all, the thought that it has only just begun . . .

wherever you may be, hope you're having a beautiful weekend,
~ roséline xo

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* for dessert: spiced pears with chocolate sauce & vanilla icecream
* at home: white wooden floors
* twitpics: tall leather boots & the last golden days of autumn
* interior design: roman and williams

{as always, a few things you may have missed:}
* stylist: lotta agotton, stockholm, sweden
* photographer: max-kim bee
* at the shops: neology by mina, brooklyn, ny
* perfect pairs: bicycles & hermès
* perfectly ornate: sheer opulence
* photographer: jamie beck, new york
* a glass of champagne: for happy news

{& new for the weekend:}
* style inspiration: perfectly ladylike
home inspiration: a manhattan loft
* two lovely things: monograms & pink roses

{images: a previous post; les impressions de chanel, winter spring 10 / ten magazine 2009 via wildfox}

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{two lovely things: monograms & pink roses}

two lovely things


{two lovely things:} crisp whites and black stripes with always elegant monograms, and pale pink roses just after a rainstorm . . .

{images: tracey overbeck stead via brabourne farm; flickr}

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{photographer: jamie beck, new york}






I would love to live
Like a rivers flows.
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding.
~ John O'Donohue

. . . late in may, what seems like an eternity ago, received the most charming letter from new york-based blogger/photographer jamie beck, who had the most beautiful idea to collaborate on a fashion photo shoot; unfortunately, was not to be in new york for another three months . . . and so jamie had the wonderful thought for a shoot exclusively for {this is glamorous}, and what resulted was the utterly captivating romance of upswept hair and fluttery gowns, bare shoulders and opera gloves, and the always enchanting central park in the fleeting moments before nightfall, capturing the quiet spells of what could be a moment of repose before the night's festivities, {perhaps an elegant dinner party and dancing until the early morning light}, at the very instant when daydreams & fairytales have been known to float along in the dusky and magical evening air . . .


{p.s.} these images were shot on black & white film with an hasselblad, then hand processed and edited, the entire project taking
four months to complete; this shoot also features the lovely styling work of anne of the city sage; more of jamie's wonderful work can be viewed on her blog, from me to you

{images: photography by jamie beck; styling by anne sage; makeup by alex almeida; accessories by bando; dresses by ashley cheeks & jenny yoo; model theresa berenato; quote via julia}

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