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{artist: alison watt}

. . . stunningly beautiful works by scottish painter alison watt, described as "one of the leading lights of the scottish contemporary art world" and a graduate of the glasgow school of art; while still a student, watt won the john player portrait award and was commissioned to paint a portrait of the late queen mother

in 2000, watt became the youngest artist to be offered a solo exhibition at the scottish national gallery of modern art with shift,
an exhibition of 12 paintings featuring fabric alone; inspired by the work of french neo-classical artist jean-auguste-dominique ingres, the paintings are large, close-up studies of white draperies:

{images: colline via [design] relevant and national galleries of scotland}

{photographer: romina shama}

swiss-born photographer romina shama uses only natural light and an analog camera; as if she were a reporter, she imagines all of her subjects as passing in the streets with only a second to shoot them -- the result is soft, often grainy "still scenarios", perfect moments as in a dream or beautifully entangled in time . . .

{images: romina shama via [design] relevant}

{colour inspiration: wedgewood + champagne}

. . . doors flung open to the languor of early evening breezes and petal-laden dreams that begin in hazy shades of wedgewood and champagne . . .

{images:1 - endless inspiration; 2 - photography by romina shama; 3 - flickr}



. . . lately have been spellbound by the idea of wearing layers upon layers of jewels -- bold necklaces and glittering bracelets, cocktail rings and cascading earrings -- and happened upon dannijo, a new york-based hand-made jewelry studio founded by sisters danielle and jodie, and fell in love with their perfect mix of rock and refined . . .

{p.s.} smitten with the waterfall earrings in the second, and this ring

{images: dannijo, photography by bjorn iooss via a thing for via felicity; more at a glamorous little side project}

{a piece of the past: cake + heirloom lace}

. . . perfectly enchanted by this delicately beautiful cake inspired by embroidered lace strewn with floral appliqués -- cake designer ron ben-israel created 25 different silicone molds, including roses, dahlias, and periwinkles, pressing sugar paste into each before applying them to the fondant to create a masterpiece of sugar and lace . . .

{image: photography by johnny miller for martha stewart weddings spring 2010}


{have a beautiful weekend}

happy weekend

. . . whatever wonderful plans you may have and where ever you may be in the world, wishing you an enchantingly beautiful weekend . . .

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{and two new things for the weekend:}
* behind the scenes: style me romy
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{images: 1 - nikki parker’s paris apartment in the place des vosges, designed by jacques grange via trouvais & tear it out; 2 - editorial: paradis, vanessa paradis by eric guillemain for vs. spring/summer 2010 via femme style guide, linked here & originally discovered via a life more fabulous}

{travel: verana, yalapa}

. . . deep conversation in a moody café of some impossibly exciting city somewhere in the world, but very rarely in resorts -- with the exception of a few moments here and there on the beaches of barbados, aruba, and the bahamas -- very much citified and adore the glamour and fast-paced adventures of undiscovered cities, that is, until happening upon verana, a luxury boutique hotel in yalapa, mexico, accessible only by boat and built on a hillside, with promises of waterfalls and romance, perfect seclusion and hot summer afternoons, crashing waves and starry nights . . .

{verana, yalapa, mexico, beautifully captured by one of p's favourite photographers, tyler gourley, on a recent trip}

{behind the scenes: style me romy}

. . . always adore backstage photos and discovering the blogs of stylists -- most recently, style me romy, the blog of sydney-based romy frydma, with an insider's look at favourite brands, fashion websites and photo shoots, as well as glimpses behind the scenes, including a favourite chris colls shoot in which aussie model miranda kerr shares a few of her favourite things . . .

prada personalize shoes, kindle, balenciaga sunglasses rolex oyster air king

prada bag with trinkets, david austin roses from flos florum, rose quartz, serge lutens datura noir fragrance and kora daily hand cream

{model - miranda kerr, photographer - chris colls, style me romy via pink loulou}


{two lovely things: white + grey}

{two lovely things:} a beautiful arrangement of industrial steel, gleaming silver and delicate glass . . . and luxurious floor to ceiling carrera, combined with umembellished mirrors and brushed steel -- both in a perfect mix of white and grey and sunny bouquets . . .

{images: douglas friedman}

{inspiration: carved wood + crystal}

. . . an undying adoration for the wonderfully ornate -- crown moulding and carved wood, panelled walls and glittering chandeliers and, most certainly and always, all enveloped in soft and hazy spills of light . . .

{image: homes & gardens magazine via brabourne farm}

{fashion inspiration: zara spring 2010}

. . . pretty ruffles, romantic florals, platform sandals and bows, and to top it off, a crown of blossoms -- spring, at long last, has arrived . . .

* more flower tiaras: here
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* more of this collection here

{images: zara spring 2010 ad campaign via a glamorous little side project}


{castles in the air}

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.”
– Henry David Thoreau

. . . beautifully ornate mirrors and pretty heels, antique fireplaces and lace-trimmed linens, quilted coverlets and a few quite moments on a misty tuesday afternoon . . .

images: scans by this is glamorous, photography by polly wreford for at home with white by atlanta bartlett}


{at home: fresh flowers + golden light}

. . . always lovely to have a saturday afternoon to spend at the market, and recently did just that: he, picking up ingredients for a new paella recipe, and i, happening upon the most charming bouquets of ranunculus and roses in stunning shades of sunset and cerise and -- once home -- utterly enchanted by each perfect petal caught in the golden rays of late afternoon light . . .

{photography by p for this is glamorous + this is glamorous}