{winter hair how to: the double knot}


. . . have had this fun tutorial planned for well over a week now, as a follow-up to the ultra-chic and wildly popular side chignon, {which some of you had great success with}, but in all this week's excitement, hadn't a chance to post until now . . . perfect for unruly winter hair, this look is a beautiful, more casual alternative to the sleek classic chignon and goes easily from a day at the office to dinner reservations at seven . . .


{step one}
to ensure that your hair has enough texture for the hairstyle to hold, use a spray-in mousse applied to the roots and work through with a hair dryer; if you have flat or fine hair, simply apply more mousse

{step two}
using a comb, divide hair down the center, beginning at the crown of the head and finishing at the nape of the neck


{step three}
hold both sections of hair separately, ensuring that you have all strands of hair in your hands


{step four}tie a single knot in much the same way you would tie any knot, placing one section of parted hair over the other, then looping that section though the created hole, pulling the two parts tightly


{step five}
now that you have a single hair knot, repeat {step four} to tie a second knot,
layering on top of the previous one; twist slightly for effect


{step six}
secure with a bobby pin through the right hair part and hair knot, and another pin through the left hair part and hair knot; you may also wish to use a third bobby pin for the second knot created; finish with hair spray to hold any stray strands in place


{step seven}
a romantic silk or lacy blouse and a spritz of heady perfume and you're set for late matinée or an afternoon at the shops . . .

{p.s.} perhaps a little more ambitious than the side chignon, and may require an extra set of hands, but if you do attempt, would love to hear! x

{images & instructions via fashionising, one & two; for all images except the first, photography by allen; model: scene models' taylah verney, hair stylist: annika bowen}

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Blogger Hannah said...

I seriously love this do. Posted it a while back. Wore it a few times before I chopped my hair off. Makes me want long hair again seeing these pics!

January 12, 2011  
Blogger ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

When I see cute & easy styles like this, it makes me regret chopping my hair off! Great post :)

XoXO-Kelli K

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Hello My Pretties said...

Good tutorial, her hair looks really nice.

January 12, 2011  
Blogger size too small said...

trying it right now!

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Jenni Austria Germany said...

ah, gotta try this!

January 12, 2011  
Anonymous Randa said...

SO trying this! It gives another alternative to my signature messy bun.

January 12, 2011  
Blogger elizabethrosasjewelry said...

oh fun, and my hair is finally long enough for this style

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh wow!! i LOVE this! i have three hairstyles, ponytail, half ponytail and down!! i need to expand what i do with my hair!!

January 12, 2011  
Blogger FrenchByDesign said...

Oh, I had seen this hairdo but thought it was too complicated to even attempt it... I just tried it on my daughter, and it looks pretty good for a first attempt... Hope it is as easy to do it on myself - and keep all my hair! ;-P
Thank you for sharing! Xo, Si-

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Tamara Nicole said...

So simple and cute! I will have to try this out:-)

January 12, 2011  
Anonymous Dagmarette said...

The hair knots and the low loose buns are super trend right now! Thanks for actually showing us how to do one :)

Check out my cooking show at

January 12, 2011  
Blogger SprinkleBakes said...

Love this!

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Ashley said...

Great tutorial , I'll have to try this. Sounds so much more interesting than the low ponytail I always go for. ;)

January 12, 2011  
Anonymous Melissa :: A Beautiful Mission said...

I've been growing my hair... for THIS very reason. There are so many cute things to do! I wonder how it would look on my curly hair?

January 12, 2011  
Blogger cailen ascher said...

very pretty. simple yet chic. might just have to try that...


January 12, 2011  
Blogger Amanda said...

I am jumping up and down that you have put this together! I have some events to go to this week and I have been going through catalogs for something amazing and you've done it!!! THANK YOU XOXOX

January 12, 2011  
Blogger www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Love this!!!!Thank you for showing us how to do it:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

January 12, 2011  
Anonymous Jessica said...

I love your site, and your tutorials as well! As a business owner, I just don't have a lot of time, but I still want to look (hopefully) trendy and cute! Thanks for this post. I did use one of your images and linked to your site, giving you credit!

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Amy Bear said...

ooh please have more hair "tutorials"!! this one is simply chic and gorgeous!!

January 12, 2011  
Blogger AnnaMeldau said...

Love this! Im posting a link to this page if you don't mind :]

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Little Pink Rain Boots said...

This is such a cute hair do, but with my uber-thick hair it looks silly :(


January 12, 2011  
Blogger Sarah Klassen said...

This is a lovely idea! I might have to ask for some help, but I would love to try the look this weekend... Also, have you tried the side chignon?

So many great things coming your way Roséline—I'm so happy for you!


January 12, 2011  
Blogger Caitlin said...

Going to try to attempt this in the next week - I saw it earlier today on fashionising. Might need a girlfriend to help me out.

Congrats again on the Lonny feature. Can't wait to see all of the fabulous things you do in 2011!

xx, C

January 12, 2011  
Blogger ~A said...

I love this! I'm often tying my hair in a knot to get it out of the way but it rarely lasts longer than a couple of minutes - at Last I have a way to keep it in place! "Undone Hairdos" are my favourite...

January 12, 2011  
Blogger Julie and Lauren said...

Amazing how-to! I'll let you know when I try it. New follower.


January 12, 2011  
Anonymous Judith of Felicity Crew said...

I'll ask my sister to help me try this on the week-end. Thanks for sharing!

January 13, 2011  
Anonymous Allan said...

Glad you found my photos useful.

January 13, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this look! I miss my long hair now!

January 13, 2011  
Blogger Her name was Lola said...

Perfection! What a brilliant idea to liven up my dreary winter ponytail. Thank you very much! xo Lola

January 13, 2011  
Blogger Yuliya xoxo. said...

It's so beautiful !
Thank :)

January 15, 2011  
Blogger Downtown Diaries said...

wow! thank you for this tutorial. i came across your blog through dianakang today. I am going to try this hairstyle tomorrow!! thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your blog! officially following!

come visit mine (^^)

January 21, 2011  
Blogger Lola said...

love this hairstyle

April 09, 2011  
Blogger Corrie Anne said...

That's so cute! I'm going to get my sister-in-law to help me out with this because I'm helpless in the hair department!

December 14, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is amazing!
I remember seeing a photo of a knotted hair do a while back. I filed it away somewhere and kept trying to figure out how to make it work!
Then months and months passed by without me ever figuring how to do the knot. I showed the photo to all of my friends to no avail! I think I gave up on ever doing it myself :(
One day, out of the blue, I stumbled across this blog! Somehow, I found my way to this post and I remembered the photo that I had saved away somewhere! So yay! Life works in mysterious ways :)

One of these days, I'll have to try this hair do! If I'm successful, I'll definitely share some photos on my blog.

Thank you guys so much for this lovely tutorial! <3


September 08, 2012  

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