{a new month + magic in the air}










. . . wind-tousled hair and sun-drenched caf├ęs, long pleated skirts and daffodils, coral lip gloss and brighter skies, and most of all, that irresistible, unmistakable, all-encompassing excitement that spring is on its way . . .

happy march! wishing you a month filled with sunlit happiness,

{images: album cover via souvenirs; vita sidorkina via wildfox; photography by jeff mcnamara for glamorous rooms by jan showers; easy dreamer photography; photography by alicia bock via pinterest; the steward; maisonette; voyage de cosmos}

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Blogger Alice said...

Thank you, and a happy March to you too! Just wanted to say I find everything on your blog lovely and this post is especially pretty. The palette is right up my alley. Thanks for the constant inspiration!


March 03, 2011  
Blogger Emily said...

Love all those pictures! So dainty and feminine! Its going to be a good month I know it!

March 03, 2011  
Blogger Griffin and Gretchen said...

Fab pictures!

March 03, 2011  
Anonymous B. in the Know said...

I love that it is a new month! HAppy March to you, too! And thank you for sharing such beautiful images to remind us that soring really is coming!
Much love,

March 03, 2011  
Blogger Meagan said...

Beautiful as always!! I have wanted to put a disco ball in my bathroom for a long time now... I have no idea why. but I think against the mostly white bathroom in my century old apartment it could be interesting. Anyway, love it as always!


March 03, 2011  
Blogger annawithlove said...

such gorgeous photos as always ! x


March 03, 2011  
Blogger Leah said...

These images are so light and airy and beautiful!

xo L.

March 03, 2011  
Anonymous meenal @ maison marigold said...

A very happy March to you too...what beautiful images to capture the essence of approaching spring!! xx meenal

March 03, 2011  
Blogger Hannah said...

Such gorgeous images! Everytime I visit I leave inspired. Thanks for sharing and happy March to you too!


March 03, 2011  
Blogger annie markantonatou said...

love the colours!


March 03, 2011  
Blogger ashley @ ashleynicolecatherine said...

oh i love those soft blues and minty hues!


March 03, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spring is my favorite time of year! Le sigh1

March 03, 2011  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

alice -- such a thoughtful comment -- thank you! x

emily -- most definitely!

hannah -- so lovely to hear -- thanks so much x

March 03, 2011  
Blogger Blue Fruit said...

Deliciously eclectic collection of random, yet not so, images. The tennis court with umbrellas is just fabulous! All so very pretty, as always.

I do so love popping in for my daily dose of prettiness!

March 03, 2011  
Anonymous {whenpenmeetspaper} said...

I wish you could write more! Fill the blank spaces with words aight? :)And...muted blue...is a very nice colour to have/use!

March 04, 2011  
Blogger jules @ The Diversion Project said...

simply gorgeous x

March 04, 2011  
Blogger stephanie said...

i adore everything in this post :) lovely and inspiring!!

March 04, 2011  
Blogger Cait said...

wow just came across your blog :) you have stunning pictures! love it! xo

March 04, 2011  
Blogger Pinecone Camp said...

I don't even know how I came across your blog, but I'm so happy I did. It's beautiful!
Have a nice weekend.

March 04, 2011  
Anonymous Michaela in Eden said...

As soft-blue and sparkly as a box from Tiffany. Gorgeous post R.
xo Michaela

March 05, 2011  

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