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. . . even in mid-february, the city of lights was still {and always will be} beautiful, as it is anytime of year, but the photographs of paris in the springtime, posted at this time, a little over a year ago, were filled with such enchantment, thoughts to return have already been swirling about, not much more than four weeks later, to breath in all the blossoms filling the air . . . and isn't it amazing, the lure of any place, after having seen it in the light petal-tinted hue of le printemps? . . . and so, here, a few magical photographs of the exquisiteness of springtime of another lovely place, just outside of munich . . .

{images: all photography by yvonne bauer, discovered via decor8}

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Anonymous classiq said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing photos! They have a vintage touch I adore. Ada

March 31, 2011  
Blogger travelkate said...

I never pictured Munich in full bloom for Spring (have only been in the summer)...must be a lovely time to visit!

March 31, 2011  
Blogger magdalena viktoria said...

so pretty! I'm going there next month :)

March 31, 2011  
Blogger Helen said...

I`ve been there twice, a beautiful city.

March 31, 2011  
Blogger julieb said...

sooo beautiful!

March 31, 2011  
Blogger annie markantonatou said...

thnks for this post! i want so badly to travel..


March 31, 2011  
Blogger My Little World said...

Very pretty

March 31, 2011  
Blogger the lil bee said...

I'm a little ashamed to say, after seeing these photos, that I'd never before considered Munich as a travel destination. So beautiful, I think I now *need* to go someday. And on the other side of the world, here in New York, we're expecting snow. {not so fun:( xo!}

March 31, 2011  
Blogger Yelena Starikova said...

This is so Gorgeous!!! I am Speechless!


March 31, 2011  
Blogger Mademoiselle Michael said...

Beautiful contrast between old architecture and fresh, new flowers. Love it and want to be there...NOW! MademoiselleMichael

March 31, 2011  
Blogger Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

What a stunning combination of gorgeous tree blossoms paired against brilliant architecture...the result is just mesmerising! I am so very inspired to visit, especially in the springtime. It amazes me how seasons can change a city, and awaken such alluring aspects in unique ways with the passing months! I remember first discovering this when moving to Rome in the Fall...the colours of gold and yellow absolutely overtook the city in the most beautiful way.

I also always love how beautifully elegant your words are, you always have the most remarkable way of capturing such enchanting thoughts in your writing.


March 31, 2011  
Blogger Noemi said...

Enjoying the beauty of Munich, thanks again for sharing with us who are to far from such beauty.
♥ Noemi
Fashion: http://www.classy-n-glamorous.blogspot.com
Travel: http://www.brianna64-acrossthesea.blogspot.com/

March 31, 2011  
Blogger The enchanted home said...

These pictures are just fabulous. We were there only for 2 days about 10 years ago and I loved the beauty and history of the place....gorgeous pictures!

March 31, 2011  
Blogger toves sammensurium said...

need only one word for this:beauuuuutiful!!!!!!!!!
I am flabagasted!!!
tove,Norway :)

March 31, 2011  
Anonymous Michaela in Eden said...

Schön, schön, Stadt meiner Mutter, Tanten, Onkeln u. Cousins​​. Danke sehr.

March 31, 2011  
Blogger Nimue said...

Oh these pctures are absolutely gorgeous! I so desperately want to go there!

April 01, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Munich definately is one of the prettiest cities in Europe, I was there in rainy November, and even them it was beautiful!

April 01, 2011  
Blogger TimbarikaDoll said...

marvelous photos, I've never been to Munich, looks wonderful!! I love springtime & these capture it so well!! I hope you have a great weekend xx

April 01, 2011  
Anonymous MG said...

Cherry blossoms make me so happy.

April 01, 2011  
Blogger Aubrey said...

We went to Munich 3 years ago last month, and I miss it every day. I sometimes dream about it. Someday I'll be back, but not soon unfortunately. I'm always looking online from Munich bloggers, but they are hard to come by (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places).

April 01, 2011  
Blogger Ray said...

The blooms are gorgeous! I can't wait for spring to arrive here in Chicago! Have a great weekend!


April 01, 2011  
Anonymous Vancouver photographer said...

These photos are absolutely heavenly. So beautiful!

April 02, 2011  
Blogger Aldina said...

These pictures are so so so beautiful!
They truly capture the gorgeous scene of spring in Munich.

Cirlce of Design Fashion Illustration

April 02, 2011  
Blogger Lilly said...

Munich is on my list of places to visit! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, I want to go RIGHT NOW!! xoxo

April 03, 2011  
Blogger Miss Vodka said...

Lovely pics and blog. I am following :)

April 27, 2011  

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