{wishing you an impossibly beautiful weekend & a happy new year!}








. . . and it is nearly unimaginable how we could have already arrived at this, the very last post of what has been, in so many ways, an extraordinary year, and while the past weeks and months [especially the last few] are, at this moment, but a beautiful blur, it is for certain that they were filled with impossibly beautiful things, and tonight, before the champagne and oysters, foie gras & truffles, and midnight kiss, a quick stop to say hello: what ever plans you may have for new year's eve, and whatever dreams for the new year, wishing you, for tonight and forever, moments of adventure and of magic, and most of all, for more beauty than your heart could possibly contain . . .

here's to a magical evening & a most wonderful weekend, and, of course, that it's beautiful wherever in the world you may be, roséline xo

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{new year's style inspiration: sequins & lace}


. . . for last year's new year's eve festivities, it was a silvery lavender silk crepe dress, accessorized, of course, with a party tiara and hand-held sparklers; this year, sheer, lacy, and sprinkled with a million glittery paillettes may be just the thing . . .

{image: backstage at jason wu via anemia}

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{décor inspiration: herringbone & marble, malmö, sweden}


. . . from stockhom to malmö, and intoxicating mix of fireplaces and french doors, intermingled with perfectly ornate ceilings, crown molding and breathtaking floods of light, gilded mirrors from paris, and washed herringbone floors, time-worn wood, marble, and bits of gold . . .




{the home of nina bergsten, photography by marcus lawett for residence via today you inspired me}

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{new year's style inspiration: gold confetti}


. . . often prefer less structured handbags and clutches, as they are a little easier to fit more things into, but have very much fallen for these acrylic clutches, and especially for the ones made of gold & silver confetti and white pearlescent geo -- wouldn't they be the perfect finish to a new year's outfit?


{p.s.} more at the {this is glamorous} tumblr

{images: edie parker}

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{new year's inspiration: let's raise a glass}

{take me away № 12 | Venice, Italy}

take-me-away-hed (2)

The day’s itinerary may have held a leisurely stroll along the canal and a lovely visit to the Basilica di San Marco, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Gallerie dell’Accademia, and perhaps even the Ca’ Pesaro; a stop or two for long lunch and a little shopping. B
ut as the day of discoveries and sites comes to a close, the sun begins to set in the sky, casting an indescribable golden glow over the beautiful buildings and canals of this magical city.


There are gondolas with enchanted passengers return for the evening -- there are no cars, but vaporetti. Traditional melodies trail through the waterside streets, through the buildings, and over the rooftop terraces, creating such an impossibly beautiful mix of sights and sounds, and the night has just begun . . .


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{wednesday musings : of macarons & moët}


. . . at this moment, writing to you in a near sugar-induced coma, and after all the cheesecake and häagen-dazs, swiss chocolates and french chocolates and caramel-drizzled sticky toffee pudding, it's safe to say that time at the gym is on the new year's resolution list once again this year -- but oh, it was so deliciously worth every single bite . . .

hope you're having a wonderful last december week, and enjoying every single last moment,
roséline xo

{p.s.} the final {take me away} article of the year to follow, with many more to come in the next x

{image: photography by caitlin s.}

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{a new week & moments of repose}

Screen Shot 2011-12-26 at 12.00.53 PM

. . . lounging about on a monday morning must certainly be one of the greatest luxuries, and that is how the day began, the sun streaming through the gauzy sheers, and after, the café and the shops, dinner, [all of us together again], a glass of proseco and conversations long into the night, and today, it's another dinner a little way out of town, and had nearly forgotten how wonderful it is to have these beautiful [nearly forgotten] moments of perfect repose . . .

{image: from White Christmas: Decorating and Entertaining for the Holiday Season by Tricia Foley via The Sweetest Occasion}

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{wishing you a startling lovely & magical holiday}


. . . la vie est faite de petits bonheurs / life is full of little pleasures, and of those, were the many lovely moments spent here, and so, thank you for the mornings you've dreamed away over coffee, and the evenings over wine, and especially to those who have taken the time to say hello everyday, and for all the [sometimes heartrendingly] lovely notes & letters over the past year -- it has been wonderful to share little glimpses of life and moments of sheer and utter beauty with you, and while there will be many more beautiful things to get hopelessly lost in, to come, but for now, it's fairy lights and champagne cocktails, cut-crystal glasses of vintage chianti by the fire, and moments of such loveliness, it will cause one's breath to catch . . .

wishing you a holiday filled with love and magic, and that it's beautiful wherever in the world you may be,
roséline xo


{p.s.} and to p, thank you for literally saving christmas this year, although must confess you save it every year, and can not wait to spend every single moment for the next few days with you

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{images: the world tree of hope [& here] // julia}

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{and finally, the night before . . .}



. . . a bright and chilly afternoon, perfect for lattes and crackling fires, and things are nearly ready and carryalls packed for the countryside for a few days, but first, a quick hello to wish you a very happy night before -- hope you're somewhere cosy and surrounded by laughter and love . . .

{p.s.} holiday wishes & links to follow, and so, à bientôt / see you soon x

{images: interior design by sharon mimran via flourish design & style via encore! life // the inspiration board // photography by lorena arance, via a previous article}

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{'twas the night before the night before}


. . . and today was one of those that was filled with all kinds of running round -- cocktail and holiday dresses at the dry cleaners, a stop at the hair salon, and even braving the shops filled with hapless, last-minute men . . . and there are still gifts to wrap and suitcases to pack, but for now, just a few quiet moments before it all begins . . .

{image: ginta lapina backstage at the jason wu pre-show via the fashion spot & inside the loop}

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{holiday décor inspiration : warm & woodsy, encore}


. . . and as you may well know, often most drawn to bright & airy palettes, and especially at this time of year, but there is something about this deep and rich and warm and sultry festive scene, that is nearly impossible to resist . . .

{p.s.} warm & woodsy, before

{image: lefèvre interiors & belgian pearls via belgian pearls}

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{take me away № 11 | travel by train}

take-me-away-hed (2)

Imagine the anticipation of stepping on board a grand and majestic train, all aglow, as the brisk winter’s evening has just fallen.


Inside, passengers settle in for the evening, enjoying perfect touches of comfort and luxury, echoing that of a romantic, bygone era.


And as steam trails behind and the new journey commences, the heart flutters momentarily and one is not sure what to expect, but one thing is for certain, guests are abound to endless wondrous destinations, with discoveries and sights to take in at nearly every moment along the way.


Today we explore a wonderful selection of world-renowned trains and journeys, from all different points of the world.


And so, we invite to you warm a delicious cup of drinking chocolate, and please join us on an incredible railway adventure . . .

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{holiday style inspiration : donna karan autumn/winter 2011-12}

beautiful-details-hed (2)

. . . and while on the topic of old-world glamour and romance, of holiday chignons and opera gloves, an utterly stunning collection that encompasses all these, and in luxuriously lovely shades of petal pink and dusky lilac, moonstone, silver shadow, pearl . . .




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