{a new week | so much beauty & hello}



. . . more backstage photographs at elie saab have surfaced, and they are, to be certain, as exquisitely lovely as the last, and as such, impossible to resist -- the enchanting glimpses of little moments and astonishingly beautiful details are spectacularly lovely . . . and this week has already begun much busier than the last, and so, things may be a little sporadic here & there, but there are a million new and beautiful things to get lost in and to share, and so it goes . . .

hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that your week is off to a perfect start, —roséline xo

{p.s.} if you're new or only just arriving : this week's stunning give-away

[as always, so much more below] x

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{photography | still-intimate-life by inês nepomuceno}



. . . there is something quite mesmerising about the still life photographs of inês nepomuceno — taken in a studio with an analog camera, a series of photographs of her daily meals, "the banality of this food was transformed by the medium" into a beautiful play of light & shadow, resulting in a painterly quality that is strikingly lovely . . .

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{hope you're having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}


. . . this weekend was cosy pubs with fireplaces and late, late nights with old friends, lazy sunday mornings and long cups of coffee in perfect slants of winter sunlight; and now, a few moments to catch up and dream and plan for the week ahead . . .

hope you're having an exquisitely lovely weekend, and that it's beautiful where you are,
—roséline xo

[a few lovely links, below] x

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{travel inspiration: the gilded ceilings & chandeliers of hungary}


. . . sometimes the most inspiration comes from things we have never before seen, or places we have never before been, and so it is with these gauzy, dream-like and light-filled photographs of intricately carved wood and gilded ceilings, chandeliers, floral wallpaper and velvet, in hungary [budapest & keszthely] a place had never before considered, until now . . .



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{places : backstage at elie saab}





. . . and of course, a glimpse behind the scenes, moments before the show -- elegantly wrapped ponytails and soft pinkish lips, fluttery eyelashes and a swirl to tulle and sequins . . .

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{runway inspiration | elie saab haute couture spring 2012}




. . . perhaps it is the utter romance of it all, or the intoxicating concoction paillettes, lace and ruffles, but whatever the reason may be, am always awaiting, with wild anticipation, for the next elie saab collection, which never fails to enchant with its day dresses made for dreaming and evening gowns made for dancing in the moonlight, and never, ever fails to completely take one's breath away . . .


[as always, so much more below] x

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{take me away № 16 | valentine's inspiration for a romantic getaway}

take-me-away-hed (2)

Love is in the air, as they say, particularly as we are approaching what is, arguably, the most romantic month of the entire year: February. But romance is certainly not limited to a single day, or month for that matter, as the very words, love and romance inspire hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of sonnets and ballads, songs, paintings, and notes and declarations at any given time.


For love is entirely a matter of the heart, apart from all that is grounded and tangible, and perhaps that is why great minds, for decades, have tried to capture its very essence.


And with the lifting of the winter's cold, afresh with the promise of Spring, we may welcome romance in all its forms, be it a quick expression of appreciation, written by hand, and left on the bedside table, or a dazzling bouquet of fragrant blossoms wrapped in tissue, or the simple joy of spending time walking, in the intimacy of fresh air, talking and dreaming together . . .

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{décor inspiration | before & after : the entryway at 47 park avenue}



. . . and after spending a blissfully relaxing weekend, [mostly] offline, did have a few moments to catch a quick glimpse of new things in the reader, between brunches and traipsing about at the shops and in the winter sunshine, and became engrossed in the dramatic transformation of this entryway in london . . .

[before & after, below] x

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{monday, monday & a brand new week}


. . . the place is in a bit of a topsy turvy state, as all things are before change, and this week's to-do lists are miles long, but it's lovely to be back after a beautiful weekend, and before it all begins . . .

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{at the shops : sarah brown jewellery | jewellery inspired by scotland}



. . . with thoughts still lingering on the sandy shores of bora bora, it is no surprise that, on this late-winter day, drawn to the sea-inspired creations of jeweller, sarah brown, whose irregular and beautiful compositions, woven together of island legends and tales of creatures beneath the sea, come together in collections of enchanting, evocative pieces drenched in a sense of curiosity and the unknown . . .

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{have a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}


. . . and since the new year has begun, there has been a spectacular flurry of creative energy and productivity -- the kind that happens after one has returned from a few weeks in paris, or spent enough nights falling asleep to the sound of waves; and there has been organising and planning and time at the gym everyday, even, and while not certain if it is the momentum of change from one year to the next, or the excitement of even more changes and wonderful things still to come -- whatever the reason may be, it is breathtaking and it is perfect, and while there are still and always unanswered emails and telephone calls to return -- for now and the weekend -- shall enjoy a little time for drinks and party dresses, a macaron or two, and being held close, and most certainly, for a few moments of perfect repose . . .

wishing you a relaxing, fun-filled weekend, and that it is beautiful, wherever in the world you may be,
— roséline xo

{p.s.} a few lovely links below

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{décor inspiration : relaxed & refined in normandy}



. . . first came across this centuries-old home in normandy last november, and immediately fell head over heels, and so, was utterly thrilled to happen across it again, in the current issue of veranda; and while one is impossibly drawn to the allure of the leopard silk velvet canapé, there are still a myriad of beautiful things to captivate -- the floors, [always, the floors], the gilded picture frames and cashmere throws, the antique bergères in stroheim suede, the grand chandeliers and palest shades of gray, and most of all, that perfect mix of relaxed & refined . . .

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{style inspiration | for the weekend : sexy eyes & upswept hair}


. . . nearly the weekend, and after a week of meetings and the possibilities of new projects, overflowing inboxes and perfectly elegant ponytails, it's time for things to get a little sexier -- cat eyes and pretty pink lips, and spectacularly upswept hair . . .

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{style inspiration | on the vanity & in the makeup kit : a few favourites}





. . . one of the fondest memories of growing up was my mother's movie-star dressing rooms -- enormous and luxurious, and with those pretty white lights that trail all the way around the large looking glass above the vanity, upon which was always a beautiful scattering of perfume bottles and golden hairpins, and every kind of beauty product one could possibly imagine -- it was a most magical place for a little girl, and needless to say, spent many, many hours utterly lost in spritzes of heady perfume, dustings of silvery eyeshadows and dashes of lipstick, and watching my mother get ready for dinner parties and evening soirées . . .


. . . and as there have been so many requests, thought it might be lovely, [with a little winter light & p's stunning photography], to share a glimpse of a few favourite things on the vanity and of the moment . . .

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{décor inspiration: the return of romance}


" I think sophistication and elegance always last. For me, if I go into a direction that feels sexy or more “trendy” I try and infuse a feeling of sophistication to ensure classic style. For me this achieved through rich fabrics (silk, velvet, cashmere, boucle) great art (usually figurative and abstract paintings) and sculpture."
~ ryan korban


. . . and on this bright and chilly mid-january day, hopelessly drawn to romance of layers upon layers of luxurious and warm textures -- silk canopies and corduroy bolsters and faux fur throws, and velvet sofas intermingled with soft light and chandelier crystals and, always, always, bits of gold . . .


{p.s.} more work by ryan korban : one // two // three

{images: interior design by ryan korban; images via traditonal home & decorati access}

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