{photography | blog inspiration : hawaiian coconut}

Hacienda San Angel, Pool Room.

Summer Flowers.
. . . and it has been far too long since have discovered a new blog so filled with inspiration, it is impossible not to fall completely into page after page, hotel rooms and crashing waves, roses and Cannes, chandeliers and flower markets, and sunlight on a saturday morning . . .

Saturday morning.

Pretty house, London.

Chandelier & Silk Tent, Psych Spa at the Parker.

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{travel | the pink fountains of lisbon, portugal}


We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

– Jawaharial Nehru

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{colour inspiration | spring things : perfect pink}



. . . astonishingly, very nearly at the month of march, two months of the new year passed already, and already, windows have been open to the late-winter air that is now, nearly imperceptibly, tinged with the promise of blossoming magnolia trees and longer, sun-drenched days ahead, and so, for today, it's away with wintry things, soft flushed cheeks, and a dash of perfect pink across the lips . . .

[images: tayane leão by j.r. duran for vogue brazil january 2012 / stylist: giovanni frasson / hair & makeup: max weber via studded hearts /// photography by a girl, a style via my girly side]

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{travel | hotel thoumieux, paris, france}




. . . and in other exciting news : there will be a wonderful new extension to the {take me away} series, after many lovely requests, and the first installment of which, will appear a little later today, but first, a glimpse of what is come, in the form of a tiny 15-room boutique hotel in the seventh arrondissement, that also happens to include a michelin-starred restaurant, and the most fun mix of colours & patterns, brought together by designer india mahdavi; besides beautiful powder rooms enveloped in carerra [and with aesop bath products, at that], there is a view of la tour eiffel just outside the window . . .

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{hope you've had a beautiful weekend + a few lovely links}


. . . today began with one of those mornings where the mind whirls with a million projects & plans, and so much so, that sleep was impossible and coffee & throwing open the curtains was all that one could do; and the desk is a beautiful mess of daybooks and fountain pens and very long lists, and it's off for a bit to make sense of it all, leaving you with, as promised, a few lovely links . . .

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{monday, monday & a bright new week}




. . . hello! lovely to see you again, and how was your weekend? ours was filled with a [quite insane] busy-ness, much different from the recent luxuriously low-key weekends of late, late mornings and sunday brunches; this one was filled with unfinished projects, paint and brushes and drywall dust thrown into the mix for most of the time, with a few moments, happily, on sunday evening, for the oscars [didn't gwyneth look amazing?]; and now, extravagantly happy for a new week, just to have things back to a regular pace again, although there is now a mountain of things left to catch up on, and so, very late weekend links to follow, but for now, a flurry of tangerine tango & a quick hello . . .

happy monday! hope your week is off to a perfect start, —roséline xo

{p.s.} have fallen quite behind on emails and responses may take a little longer than usual x

{images: all photography by shini park @ park & cube}

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{décor inspiration | interior designer : barrie benson}


. . . positively adore everything about this room -- the white walls and layered carpets, leaning artwork and velvet sofa, the soft coral settee and stunning floods of light, and most of all, the glittering flecks of gold . . .

{interior design by barrie benson; photography by chris edwards, charlotte home+garden via christine}

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{take me away № 20 | millinery studios around the world}

take-me-away-hed (2)

"The hat is not for the street: it will never be democratized. But there are certain houses that one cannot enter without a hat. And one must always wear a hat when lunching with people whom one does not know well. One appears to one's best advantage."
—Coco Chanel


Above: David & Victoria Beckham [in a hat by Philip Treacy], at the wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton, Friday 29 April 2011, at Westminster Abbey

Today, travel & fashion collide, as we catch a breathtaking glimpse of the beautiful world of hats, exploring some of the new and best millinery studios around the world, discovering a little of their history, and concluding with a few tips for wearing and preserving these impossibly chic fashion accessories.

Above: Diana, Princess of Wales, wears tartan by Caroline Charles and a beret to the Braemar Games, September 1981

And as we take a look at the fine art of millinery, it is wonderful to reflect on the tradition of hat-wearing—one that began many, many years ago . . .

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{at home with : tory burch, southampton}




. . . still more to come today, but laily has just sent along this glimpse of tory burch's weekend home in southhampton -- a collaboration with architect & designer daniel romualdez, [whose work you may remember here] and decorator eve hood, there is something so warm and bright, and a little romantic about it all, especially in the living room, [top], at one end of the home's former ballroom, with its coral-coloured curtains and chintz-covered sofa . . .

[more glimpses, below] x

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{style inspiration | backstage at rodarte fall 2012 : stars}



. . . aside from nicole richie's brass seven-strand coin headpiece, few hair accessories have been as stunningly lovely—that is, until the utterly enchanting shooting stars seen on the runways at rodarte . . .

[as always, a million more beautiful things below] x

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{hello & mid-week musings}



. . . hello! how are things? despite it being already mid-week, feels as if things are still a little in weekend mode, moving along in beautiful slow-motion, like a sequence in a film, but also whirling by quickly, at once, as nights fall into bright new days, and yesterday was much running around, and the renovations continue, and despite a few delays on current projects, things are being crossed on lists and plans are beginning to take shape, just as the days are wonderfully falling longer again . . .

à bientôt / see you soon & hope you week has been lovely so far, —roséline xo

{p.s.} beautiful new things to come, including this week's {take me away} x

{images: one // two}

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{hope you've had a beautiful weekend + a few lovely links}


. . . this weekend was a few luxurious moments to catch up on a little reading, afternoons in the warm late-winter sunshine and late lunches at old favourite places; there were also renovations—[contractors and things being built, a maddeningly fine dust falling over everything]—but also, the wonderful feeling of things accomplished and being steps closer to all the projects and plans that have begun some time ago; and there dinner at a new italian restaurant, glasses of montepulciano d'abruzzo and today, so much sunlight, it feels as if spring might arrive at any moment . . .

hope you've had [are having] a perfectly lovely [long] weekend, and that it's beautiful where you are, —roséline xo

[a few lovely links below] x

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{take me away № 19 | barcelona, spain}

take-me-away-hed (2)

The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona has a history that dates back long, long ago—2000 years ago, in fact, with a spellbinding vibe of light, passion, culture and character.


Here, somehow, the heavenly Mediterranean sunlight is seemingly more delicious when set against beguiling architecture, narrow alleyways, expansive waters, and in the gleam of each and every Barcelonian's eye.



Indeed, this seaside city calls visitors from near and far to walk alongside the works of great visionaries, of natural wonders, breathtaking points, and countless sights; to live as locals do, and to breath in the beautiful story of such an indescribably fascinating city . . .

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{fashion inspiration | runway : tory burch fall 2012 rtw, new york}



. . . and of all the new york fashion week invitations, may have regretted missing the tory burch fall 2012 collection most, for many reasons, but mostly for the insanely romantic palest pink organza rosettes perfectly paired with gilt metallic pencil skirts and golden hairbands, and the astonishingly lovely handbags strewn with cognac-coloured petals . . .

[as always, more lovely things below] x

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{two lovely things | colour inspiration : shades of grey}



. . . the colour grey has appeared here many times, and whether amidst monograms & ruffles and chignons & chandeliers, intermingled with sequins & sunlight, or perfectly paired with petal pink, it is classic and warm, and always elegant, and there is something quite enchanting about its dusky hues, as with clouds on a bright february afternoon . . .

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