{great love stories № 01 | grace kelly & prince rainer III of monaco}


[ˈkɔːtʃɪp] noun

1. the wooing of one person by another
2. the period during which such wooing takes place

Many of the world's greatest love stories begin with love at first sight; then there are those, which take a little longer for love to blossom . . .

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{take me away № 25 | the enchanting world of lace}

take-me-away-hed (2)

"An ancient legend claims that the origins of lace lie in the so-called “trina delle sirene” – mermaid’s lace – an aquatic plant given by a sailor to a beautiful Venetian girl. She was so struck by its beauty that she wished to recreate it, thus giving rise to the art of lace-making."


Though the art of creating fine lace has nearly vanished, we may still hold onto those who treasure their craft, and continue to help create and shape an incredible and beautiful part of history. Lace can be found in many different forms, whether a sweet vintage handkerchief, a stunning gown from the runway, beautiful bed linens that have been passed down for generations, lacy undergarments, or a custom wedding gown, each stitch drawn in love.


And so, today we celebrate a history delicately woven of lace, as seen so beautifully in tales, memories, signs of love and life, embedded lovingly into each and every thread; we will discover secrets of lace making, intriguing moments in history, and close with a few lovely places around the world to find the perfect lace pieces . . .

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{table for two | easter tabletop inspiration : tiny bouquets}


. . . while can never resist a towering pastry stand, especially one that is filled with beautifully decorated and delectable pastries, it is the tiny flower arrangements that have fallen quite in love with—little sprigs of pale pink hydrangeas placed in sterling silver egg cups—isn't it a most lovely idea? . . . and in perfect time for easter . . .

table for two

* chocolate lavender pie
* lavender hot chocolate
* pure vegetarian by laksmi, finland
* fererro roche cupcakes
* watermelon, salt & chili granita
* campari citrus sorbet
* call me cupcake
* le petit déjeuner
* meringue-encased lemon cakes
* home-made baguettes
* crab bruschetta

[image: scan, from a tear from an old martha stewart wedding planner]

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{style inspiration | in my closet : jill milan silk clutch}

roséline lohr / roseline lohr / this is glamorous

. . . and it has been a scandalously long time since the last in my closet feature, [too little time & too many projects], but lately, a few fun additions to the closet, especially spring things, and this silk clutch being one; and while have been known to dash about during the workday with much larger handbags -- shoulder, totes and carryalls, paired with a classic trench, a favourite necklace [also seen here] and pearl-trimmed gloves, it has been perfect for late lunches that drift into stops by gallery openings and after work cocktails, and even, dinner reservations . . .

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{hello | late-week musings & the things we always come back to}


. . . there are things we always come back to, one of which was intimated last week, and on this [romantically] overcast thursday, in a dusky café with a stack of [more] thank you cards to write, have been drawn, again and again, to this breezy, springtime-perfect room -- first published here, [like betsey johnson's pink manhattan apartment], in 2007, with the actual image, astonishingly, dating back to 2001, and yet, the clamshell-ruffle appliqué tablecloth, draped along the hardwood and shaped from a continuous two-hundred-yard-long strip of damask, is as breathtaking today, as it was so long ago . . .

{p.s.} the first great love story still to come x

[image: scan, from martha stewart living, photography by james merrell]

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monday, monday & new at {this is glamorous} : introducing . . .




. . . and the weekend began with an enormous bouquet of palest pink long stem roses, and in between afternoon sunshine and starlit dinners, there was [finally] the chance to see the film, melancholia [beautiful, depressing], and there were visits with old friends, barbeques and beaujolais, and many hours spent planning for the enormous [& enormously exciting] changes ahead, and today, a new week, filled with brand new and wonderful things . . . one of which, is below . . .

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{spring things | tabletop inspiration : satin-wrapped bouquets}



. . . and while on the topic of tabletops and bouquets, very much like the thought of arranging little bouquets, whether fragrant white freesias or lilac-coloured roses or palest yellow tulips, at each place setting at springtime soirées, bouquets wrapped in lengths of satin ribbon and pinned with pretty little rhinestones or iridescent mother-of-pearl . . .

{p.s.} a few things

* also new today : easter inspiration
* the last day: for the olivia von halle silk pyjama set give-away
* still to come : this week's {take me away}

[image: scan, from a tear from an old martha stewart wedding planner]

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{wishing you a beautiful spring weekend & links}




. . . running ever fashionably late, but
weekend links, exciting news, and a few other lovely things to follow, but for now, a quick stop to say hello and to wish you a perfect spring weekend . . .

à bientôt / see you soon, —roséline xo

hello! have a returned, as a promised, with a few lovely links, below x

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{take me away № 24 | city guides № 2 : hong kong}

take-me-away-hed (2)


Hong Kong, a magnificent city of brilliant lights, culture, beauty, magnetic energy, and possibility . . . Part of the People's Republic of China, this labyrinth is situated on China's south coast, encompassed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. Hong Kong is renowned for its incredible harbour, expansive skyline and its easy accessibility. It is also known for its glamour, as a shopping destination, as well as for the ever-growing sights to see [both new and historical], things to do, exciting views, and emerging design.


Though considered younger than Shanghai, there are over 5,000 years of Chinese tradition in Hong Kong, set in beautiful contrast and communion with the western world. As a city, it is divided into four main areas : Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, the New Territories, and the Outlying Islands [there are 236 in total]. Kowloon, and the New Territories are both located on a peninsula of the Chinese mainland, on the northern side of Victoria Harbour. While Hong Kong Island is on the southern side of the harbour facing Kowloon, the city itself is centred around the world-renowned and breathtaking Victoria Harbour.


To offset the ever-growing population of nearly seven million people , the city has taken shape vertically, making for a striking vision of fascination and wonder. And with a multitude of things to see and experience, places to visit, and so much to take in, a visit to Hong Kong is most certainly a must . . .

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{give-away | olivia von halle silk pyjamas for midsummer nights}



. . . and while on the topic of beautiful spring nights . . . perfectly delighted to announce that this week's give-away is from london-based olivia von halle, maker of impossibly chic silk pyjama sets inspired by the ones worn by coco chanel in the 1920's; perfect for lounging on the terrace with coffee and croissants on a languid sunday morning, or for extravagantly late nights . . .


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{décor | storage inspiration : on display}


. . . and the weather was so beautiful today, it's becoming clear that it will be increasingly difficult to concentrate on work [or any matter indoors] in the days and weeks to come, and with all this brightness and buds on trees and newly unfurled petals in devastating shades of lavender and dusky violet, there comes also, the feverish need to clean and sort and organise anew, and here, when all the feverishness is over, there will be glass cases for storage & display, for everything, from towels and bottles of perfume in the powder room, folded rows and hangers of clothes in the bedroom, and most of all, for favourite pairs of shoes . . .



{p.s.} another way to store & display shoes /// handbags /// jewellery /// artwork /// perfume
& more shoe display cabinets : one & two

[images: 1&2, livingetc via the diversion project; 3 - photography by simon brown for elle decoration uk, scan by moodboard]

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{spring things : shoes, shoes, shoes}



. . . perhaps one of the most exciting things about the arrival of spring, besides all the beautiful & wildly intoxicating sunlight, is the chance for bare toes once again, and pretty platform sandals with sky-high heels and in gold and glitter and perfect pastels . . .


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{hope you've had a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}


. . . and you may have noticed, around wednesday, last week, things slowed down, just a little, and all for very good reason, for that day, mid-week, a parcel arrived in the post that changed everything, and threw the week beautifully askew with much extravagant excitement and a sparkling glass [or two] to celebrate; this week, of course, will be [somewhat] back to normal, with new articles and lovely things to share, along with a few exciting announcements, intermingled, of course, the lingering excitement of the past week—even still—alongside spring in the air . . .

happy monday! hope you had an utterly beautiful mid-march weekend, and that your week is off to a perfect start, —roséline xo

[a few lovely links below] x

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{décor inspiration | at home with : betsey johnson, new york}


. . . lately have been thinking about the things we always come back to—the crashing waves of the ocean, a favourite fragrance or countryside road, a novel or restaurant; for some, there are the same colours, designers, or interiors . . .


. . . and for me, it is this manhattan apartment, belonging to fashion designer betsey johnson—a maximalist heaven of overflowing bouquets of roses and utterly breathtaking pink walls, beautiful chandeliers and yards upon yards of antique lace . . .

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{style inspiration | two lovely things : white & fuchsia}



. . . positively adore bright colours in the springtime, but nearly always on others, for here, it's lacy whites and billowy pastels—and yet, at a time of year when the brightness of longer days beautifully envelopes everything, it's nearly impossible not to be drawn to shades of tangerine and cerise, and daffodil silk, and most of all, fuchsia, so elegantly chic when paired with white, that it may be time to fall headfirst . . .

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{colour inspiration: ethereal spring whites}



"Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day."

~ Elizabeth Bowen


. . . of all the beautiful things there to look forward to in spring -- longer days and the promise of evenings on terraces, pastel dresses with golden shoes and the first magnolia blossoms -- perhaps the most intoxicating, might be the change to begin again at winter's end, fresh and new and in extravagant shades of spring white . . .

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