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With each and every detail still fresh in our minds, is hard to believe the first anniversary of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding is already upon us. From the exquisite English & French Chantilly lace of the gown to the to the eight-tiered wedding cake decorated with an astounding nine hundred sugar-paste flowers -- every intimate detail of the day still lingers . . .


Friendship /ˈfrɛn(d)ʃɪp/ a state of mutual trust and support between two people


A truly modern love story that began with a deep and intimate friendship that has stood the test of time amidst constant scrutiny can only be described as a great love story . . .



The first meeting of Prince William & Kate Middleton -- through Kate’s own admission -- was less then perfect. In 2001, both Will & Kate began attending St Andrews; at their first introduction by common acquaintances, Kate confesses to ‘turning bright red and scuttling off’ -- but perhaps Will was somewhat accustomed to instances such as this, and [luckily] it did not effect the immediate liking he had for Kate.


Their next perchance meeting was at a charity fashion show in the spring of 2002. Kate had volunteered to be a model in the show and as she paraded down the runway in a now famous sheer black dress, Will exclaimed to a friend that he thought she was a ‘knockout’!


Both lived in St. Salvators Hall of Residence throughout their first year at college and formed a firm friendship. In September 2002, beginning their second year of college, both moved into a student house which was shared with friends. Will busied himself with university life in attempt to make the experience as ‘normal’ as possible. With games of water polo, evening dinners out and the occasional college party, Kate was one of Will’s constant friends, continuously aiding him in making his college experience a typical one.


The pair grew closer and closer over the school year, and in the fall of 2003 when Will, Kate and two of their friends moved into a cottage for their third year, speculation began to mount over their relationship and rumors began to fly that they were now a couple.



In March 2004 Will & Kate were photographed on the ski slopes in Klosters and when a relationship between the two was not denied, the media ran a rife.


Over the ensuing years both graduated from St. Andrews and attempted to live as normally as possible -- with ski vacations to Meribel in the French Alps and romantic island holidays in the Caribbean -- however the pair were never spared the frantic and relentless scrutiny and speculation of the media.


Rumors of a royal engagement became common, but in a truly modern gesture, both Will & Kate focused on their respective careers -- and always by one another’s side, supported the other in doing so.


In October 2010, Will & Kate joined a group of friends on a quiet holiday to a lodge in Kenya. Knowing that Kate would not suspect a thing, as they were holidaying with friends, Will chose this moment to propose. Seeking some privacy, the pair left for a quiet walk and midway through, Will bent onto one knee and asked Kate to marry him -- of course she said ‘yes’! In a wonderfully touching gesture, Will had proposed with the exquisite sapphire & diamond engagement ring that had been his mother's.


… I thought it was quite nice because obviously she's not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all—this was my way of keeping her close to it all.


The world was delighted by the news of the engagement and the wedding plans began immediately. The media the world over attempted to guess every last detail of the wedding day, which would be the 29th of April 2011 -- but when it finally arrived, no one could have guessed how truly magical the day would be. The service was broadcast live around the world and people stopped what they were doing everywhere to watch the marriage of, arguably, the most famous modern couple in the world.





The day was nothing short of spectacular, and what made it truly enchanting were the many touching little details so personal to the bride and groom. From Kate applying her own bridal make-up for the day, to Will driving his new wife to Clarence House in his father's blue Aston Martin DB6 Volante -- with a rear number plate that read ‘JU5T WED’.






“When I first met Kate I knew there was something very special about her. I knew there was possibly something that I wanted to explore there. We ended up being friends for a while and that just sort of was a good foundation. Because I do generally believe now that being friends with one another is a massive advantage. And it just went from there.”


The special touches throughout the day reinforced that not only were Will & Kate now husband & wife they were, as they had always been, best of friends.


A friendship, which had spanned almost a decade, was the basis of this beautiful relationship and most certainly was what made it a wonderfully modern great love story.




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Blogger Simone said...

Oh, I absolutely loved reading this....and you have used such beautiful photos!!

They really seem so in love and such good friends too....I think we have a wonderful future with them.

Gorgeous post!!

April 27, 2012  
Anonymous Cyn | decyng said...

I really like this couple! They are so sweet together and she is beautiful.

April 27, 2012  
Blogger Dumbwit Tellher said...

Truly a magnificent post! My husband and I watched the wedding, getting up before the sun, and enjoyed each and every second. Kate and William are nothing more than magical. I am really hoping to set sights on them should they attend the Braemar Gathering in Sept. My ticket are purchased and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for such a wonderful read this evening. All my best to you for a lovely weekend. x

April 27, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of her! Every girls wishes she could be a princess and have a big wedding...Congratulations to her and William.

April 27, 2012  
Blogger beautifully, suddenly said...

Loved reading this - William and Kate seem like just such a sweet, genuine and lovely couple. And Kate is, of course, so beautiful and stylish. Sigh!

April 27, 2012  
Blogger Nikki said...

what beautiful narration! this is now my favorite kind of post from you!

cheers! xo

April 27, 2012  
Blogger barefoot duchess said...

awesome post! well done

April 27, 2012  
Blogger Karena said...

This marriage is still a wonderful love story, we love to see young love!! She looks just right next to him, carries herself well and dresses beautifully!

Art by Karena

April 27, 2012  
Blogger Kate said...

This is one of the best love stories yet! I adore Kate Middleton, everything about is her just perfect. I especially love her elegance & style! Very jealous. x

April 28, 2012  
Blogger lorenabr said...

It was great to watch the wedding! I love her style :)

April 28, 2012  
Blogger Inner-Outer Beauty said...

Love your love stories! So well presented and researched.

April 28, 2012  
Blogger Callie Grayson said...

Beautiful love story! Watching the royal wedding was amazing, and will always be remembered

April 28, 2012  
Blogger Rachel @ The Block said...

(sigh) lovely

April 28, 2012  
Blogger Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

They make such a lovely couple! A true modern-day fairy tale :-)

April 28, 2012  
Anonymous GlamourousGirl said...

lovely :)

April 29, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are so lovely together a beautiful couple and looks like real love, indeed! wow, one year already.. time goes by! xo

April 29, 2012  
Blogger lizzie said...

loved this post so much :) x

April 29, 2012  
Blogger Andrea said...

This is so sweet, such a romantic pretty post.

April 29, 2012  
Blogger Sara Russell Interiors said...

Simply the most romantic love story xxx

April 29, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like people cant get enough of those two :) Their story has a certain pull to it like a modern day fairytale. She seems to be adapting to her new role very well. Loving her fashion sense she looks incredible, so elegant. How about a post on the evolvement of her fashion sense throughout the years?

April 30, 2012  
Anonymous stacy said...

i can't believe it's already been a year. that dress is unforgettable!

April 30, 2012  
Blogger Samantha Green said...

this is an amazing post! i cannot get enough of this couple :) xx

April 30, 2012  
Blogger Style Maniac said...

Amazing recap. There truly was something magical about this wedding. Not just the pretty and personal dress/ceremony/party details, but the way this happy couple managed to enchant and unite the entire world for an entire day -- a near miracle in our crazy digital world.

May 01, 2012  
Anonymous Tj said...

Thank goodness Diana left the most important thing to her sons. The ability to truly, genuinely love someone other than one's self. (Something their father could never teach them.)

June 23, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post just made my day. So beautiful and well-presented, and Kate is just so elegant. What a modern day fairy tale.

September 21, 2012  

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