{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

by sarah klassen for {this is glamorous} | editing & image compilation by roséline | view previous articles

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"I walked far down the beach, soothed by the rhythm of the waves, the sun on my bare back and legs, the wind and mist from the spray on my hair . . . And then home, . . . full to the brim with my day alone."

—from Gift From The Sea


As free as the bird that swoops over the gentle, rhythmic waves that skim the sand, so are those who visit the beach . . . here, days begin beautifully with morning coffee on the dock, followed by walks along the shore, in breezy, light dresses, always in search for treasures tucked into the sand and water—maybe sea glass, broad-ribbed cardita, rose petal tellin sunray venus, or starfish?



Afternoons are always special with languorous picnic luncheons on the beach on favorite checkered linens, followed by serene naps under a breezy, sheer tent, nestled on cots, books and magazines and baskets within reach. And there is always an hour or two to spare for a bicycle ride into town for a few things, such as homemade ice cream, of course.


Early evening swims close the afternoon, and as day falls to night, romantic layered tables are prepared, topped with flowers, fresh lobster, champagne, mother of pearl spoons, chairs awaiting company, laughter and lively conversation that spills into the star-lit night.


And for those who adore the beach, one of the most delightful places to stay is without a doubt, a beautiful beach cottage. A perfectly refreshing place to wake up to, with spans of windows and and the sparkling water, just outside. One with freshly cut green grass, picturesque picket fences, and romantic shades of roses, spilling over, a place to display favorite collected shells—dainty little treasures—in jars, on cake plates, on a side table, a place to invite friends to stay or plan for a romantic getaway for two. And so, today we pack our Summery things, baskets, books and set off to discover beach cottages of summer . . .

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{mid-week musings & hello}

by roséline






. . . have been running a little behind this week, and at this moment, it's off to an appointment across town, but first, a quick hello and some mid-week inspiration, and still to come, the winners of the last give-away, and of course, this week's love story . . .

hope you're having a lovely week so far, --roséline xo

[image sources : one /// two /// three /// four /// five]


{table for two | a guest post & a perfect summer pie}

by roséline


. . . many may know nikole through her beautiful shop, herriott grace, but some may also know her equally lovely blog, forty-sixth at grace, on which she has recently added a fun new series, for the love of pie, and late last week, it was my turn to share a pie recipe, and despite the fact that my culinary skills involve picking up the telephone to make dinner reservations, braved the kitchen to create a banana toffee masterpiece . . . and so, click over to nikole's, if you like, for the recipe . . .

{p.s.} previous table for two articles

[image : photography by p for {this is glamorous}]

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{at the office : noir et blanc}

by roséline


. . . recent office inspiration has been cool & casual, but this week, it's back to business in a pencil skirt and classic shades of black & white . . .

[image: style trove]

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{happy monday & a brand new week}

by roséline


. . . hello! apologies for the late, late start, but there is very good reason -- while august may be the month where things slow down for most, as they soak up the very last days of summer -- here, it will be the busiest, [perhaps ever] -- with new projects and business ventures, and most of all, enormously huge and exciting life changes that are about to change everything, perhaps forever, and so, things may be a little sporadic around here in the weeks to come, but there shall still be many updates and a myriad of beautiful things to share . . .

happy monday! hope your week is off to a perfect start, --roséline xo


{p.s.} still to come : the winners of the give-away, this week's take me away, and a love story x

[images : one /// two]

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{hope you're having beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

by roséline





. . . and this weekend has been silk dresses the colour of august sunsets, and pretty flouncy skirts and sky-high summer sandals; long walks about the city in the sunlight and oysters and lobster rolls in dusky favourite places; it has been one of the most relaxing and romantic weekends in while, and now, it' s off for a late sunday brunch -- but first, a quick hello and a few lovely links . . .

hope you're having perfect weekend, and that's beautiful where you are,
roséline xo

[as always, a few lovely links below] x

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{décor inspiration : sweet dreams}

by roséline


. . . the soft lavender striped crown canopy, the perfectly ornate chandelier and elegant wood-panelled walls, the scallop-trim linens and luxurious gilded bed -- so many beautiful details . . .

{p.s.} more crown canopies

[image source : faith marcus designs]

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{fashion inspiration | editorial : alice eve by ruven afanador for tatler uk}

by roséline


. . . have you ever had one of those days where, despite the amount of work left to do before the weekend and the millions of things in daybooks and on to-do lists, you work obliviously, at your own languid pace, not minding even little that nothing seems to be getting done? today was one of those days -- happily, it's friday . . .


[alice eve by ruven afanador for the august issue of tatler uk via amour-love]

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{endless summer & late-week musings}

by roséline


. . . someone had mentioned the other day, that we are already mid-way through summer, and the thought was enough to make one a little wistful, and so, a little summertime inspiration, and much resolve to spend the last half of these long, hazy days outdoors as much as possible, to have more dinners on the terrace and more moonlight walks, more time on the water and doing the things that we love best and reveling in every last moment . . .



[image sources & credits : photography by vanessa jackman /// a blog with a view /// fortnum and mason diamond jubilee tea salon]

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{style inspiraton : a pretty chignon & mermaid pearl hairpins}

by roséline


. . . and if you have been reading for a while, you will know that positively adore chignons, especially in the summertime, and have been known to fasten mine with mermaid pearl hairpins -- and so, was thrilled to see a similar look before the chanel couture show in paris this past month . . .

{p.s.} also new today : at the office

[model : laura love // photography by vanessa jackman]

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{décor inspiration | at the office : gallery walls & shop chic}

by roséline


. . . always searching for inspiration for the new office, and inspiration boards and gallery walls are most certainly a necessity, but absolutely adore the idea of setting inspirational things, such as shoes & handbags, on display as if an art gallery or a chic & beautiful shop . . .


[image sources & credits : one - via paulette pearson /// two - instagram photograph by alice gao]

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{at the shops | checking in with : harlex, hong kong}

by roséline


. . . and it has been a while since the last visit to harlex, and was happy to discover a few new pieces, my favourites being this hand-stitched envelope clutch bag with chain shoulder strap [above], and this envelope clutch [below] . . .


[images: harlex via honey kennedy]

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{décor inspiration | beautiful details, venice italy}

by roséline



. . . and for today, a glimpse into the 15th century palazzo of interior designer mimi todhunter, along the grand canal in venice, where beautiful details such as scalloped-trimmed bed linens and leafy chandeliers, glass perfume display cases and velvet chairs will have you daydreaming of gondolas along the water, the strains of opera filling the air . . .

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{work of art : fluttery feathers on a late summer's night}

by roséline


. . . and while on the topic of feathers, often, the intricacy, craftsmanship and attention to detail of couture collections is astounding -- the beading and embellishments, the pleats and appliqués, jewels and lace -- and when happened upon this light-as-air blouse made of tulle and fluttery feathers, thought it might be lovely, lovely, to spend the rest of the summer, floating to the office on weekdays, or the flower markets on saturday mornings in this utterly romantic work of art . . .

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{fashion inspiration : shoes, shoes, shoes}

by roséline


. . . it has been a very long time since the last installment of shoes, shoes, shoes, and then happened upon these manolo blahnik feather-trim sandals and was instantly smitten . . .

{p.s.} previously :

jill stuart //
maison martin margiela // valentino // mugnai // chanel // lanvin // louboutin // sergio rossi // bruno frisoni // magic in the air // chloé // charlotte olympia // zara glitter heels

[image: adeline & grace photography via lisa golightly]

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{take me away № 31 | gelato tasting in italy}

by sarah klassen for {this is glamorous} | editing & image compilation by roséline | view previous articles

take-me-away-hed (2)

As the soft and sweet aroma of freshly baked golden waffle cones drifts from the open doors of a gelateria, one things is for certain, it is sure to stop one right in her tracks and detour for a few moments; stop in to perhaps order a "gelato affogato" [gelato with espresso poured on top], and be on one's way again . . .


. . . for there are few pleasures to be found more delectable and refreshing than a heaping scoop of pastel-hued gelato during the summertime.


Tucked within a crunchy, sweet cone, a scoop or two of decadent gelato lies, and is one of the greatest treats and traditions in Italy -- whether you are traveling through incredibly elegant Milan or the rustic countryside and rolling hills of Tuscany, gelato can be found throughout the country, within many, many quaint little gelaterie, and is enjoyed by a great many -- young and old, men and women, children, and in some cases, a beloved dog, throughout the day -- morning, noon and under the evening stars . . .


And perhaps only in Italy, as beautiful as the notes of sunshine that linger through the fallen evening, gelato is very much a part of the culture and living -- a part of Italy's fascinating history that lives on today with every scoop that is shared by visitors and locals alike. Whether you favour a dark, classic chocolate or prefer to try something interesting and new, such as "riso e zafferano" [rice and safron] you are sure to find something delightful -- a lingering taste of Italy to bring back home with you. And so today, we turn our faces to the sun, and happily invite you to join us for a rather delicious excursion to explore an array of the best and most charming gelato spots in all of Italy . . .

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