{take me away № 35 | the charming farmhouses of italy}

by sarah klassen for {this is glamorous} | editing & image compilation by roséline | view previous articles

take-me-away-hed (2)

Some sprawling and grand -- with central courtyards and expansive pools -- surrounded by trailing vineyards and many, many hands to take care; others far more simple, with elegant and rustic details on a smaller scale, fresh vegetables and quaint fields, its owners very much a part of its daily care.


Nevertheless, their value in history, in the present, in the future of Italy, is, in fact, invaluable. For Italian history is the history of life, and part of such a life is the love and growth of the land that can be accredited to those who carefully and thoughtfully maintain it.


Indeed, unique harmony in living and land can be found in these gentle parts of Italy -- for a hand into the earth gives roots to a deeper sense of living, one of growth and life and possibilities . . .


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{décor inspiration : rich hues for the changing seasons}

by roséline


. . . nearly always drawn to shades of white, french greys and petal pinks, perhaps a dusky lavender or slightly smokey at most, but every once in a while, perhaps during the changing seasons, seem to favour deep and rich hues -- racing green on velvet, and worldly mosaics of patterns and textures . . .



[images : one & two : architectural digest /// three : town & country]

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{style inspiration : a late-summer garden party}

by roséline


. . . yesterday was one of those days that seemed to drift by in slow motion -- perhaps it is the calm of the last days of summer before the busy-ness of september begins -- whatever the reason may be, it also brought the reminder that it still is, after all, summertime, and there will be plenty of chilly mornings for jeans and heels and belted trenches, but for now, and inspired by a bouquet of pale-coloured juliet roses, it's a little white dress for these last and beautiful remaining summer days, and a cashmere cardigan for crisp september nights . . .

{style inspiration : a late-summer garden party}

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{décor inspiration | two lovely things : mint accents & gallery walls}

by roséline


. . . two very lovely things : jenny's dining room, with hand-painted panels, mint accent chairs and black sunflowers; and beautiful gallery wall, with newly reupholstered black & white striped settee . . .


RECENT | two lovely things

* gold, mercer island
* chandeliers & gallery walls
* black & white
* pretty papered powder rooms
* floral bedlinens & perfectly pink peonies
* seaside inspiration
* french tourmaline & gray diamonds
* sexy scallops
* billowy pinks & dusky blues
* pink & carerra
* lace & leopard print
* ruggedly refined
* green & white

[image sources & credits : one & two, interior design by jenny komenda, photography by nicole franzen & styling by kendra smoot for little green notebook]

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{at the shops : leuie, vancouver}

by roséline




. . . today's {at the shops} is a very special one, as this particular shop is that of our very own sarah, who writes the beautiful {take me away} series; her and her mother have been working on their vancouver-based studio boutique leuie, for over the past year, and it is utterly enchanting; filled with charming and carefully chosen items for children from cities around the world, paris, denmark and spain, you will find whimsical starry garlands and perfectly pretty luggage sets & vanity cases, and many other lovely things . . .

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{at the office | a cork gallery wall and shades of black & white}

by roséline


. . . for those who are back in the office already, this week's office inspiration, comes in the form of a warm and elegant cork gallery wall, and despite the fact that the room is not white and flooded in light and bits of gold, still very much drawn to its rustically refined allure, complete with yellow roses and a vintage orange telephone . . .

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{at the gallery | american sculptor, painter & writer : donald judd}

by roséline


Donald Clarence Judd (1928 - 1994) was an American artist associated with minimalism, a term he strongly disavowed. In his work, the artist "sought autonomy and clarity for the constructed object and the space created by it" -- in other words, he believed that art should not represent anything, but exist for its own sake. It is for this notion, as well as for his seminal writings, in particular, Specific Objects (1964), that he is generally considered the leading international exponent of minimalism.

In Specific Objects, Donald Judd introduces the idea of a new kind of art that is “neither painting nor sculpture.” The idea of a “specific object” is that one no longer produces art, but actual items -- items that are depersonalized, with a concentration on pure form. To carry out this notion, he rejected illusionism by creating objects in three dimensional space using simple composition principles and many materials and colours, with a focus on the space occupied and created by the objects, or their purity of form. He argued that art should no longer be representational, nor presume to describe human emotion, but rather, it should just be art.

Between 1964 and 1966 the artist began working with different materials, and it was at this time that the box became a favourite form; whether closed, semi-hollow or transparent, it was always presented neutrally so as to refute any symbolic connotation. In some cases, a number of boxes were attached to a wall in the form of a stack of alternating solids and spaces of equal size, two favourite pieces of which are seen here, above and below . . .

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{hope you've had beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

by roséline

notes from the weekend

. . . and this weekend has been all about delectable food -- oysters and lobster rolls and steak tartar, tarte flambé on a candlelit terrace in the summer evening breeze, sushi and scallops on a saturday night, and of course, sunday brunch, at home, luxuriously late and languid, followed by coffee and the flower markets and the rest of the afternoon in the golden sunshine and in the park . . .

hope you've had a beautiful weekend & that your week is off to a perfect start,
roséline xo

[as always, a few lovely links below] x

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{décor inspiration : late-eighties with a modern twist}

by roséline


. . . and while on the topic of the eighties [here & here], have you seen this david collins-decorated dining room? shades of mint and seafoam and the most stunning reverse ombré drapery . . .

[more of this earls court, london residence below] x

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{fashion inspiration : shoes, shoes, shoes}

by roséline


. . . and just in time for the weekend, these extravagantly stunning gold creations, inspired by the recent olympic games in london, made of gold leather and an exquisite, handcrafted rose -- by a couturier in paris, of gold leaf fabric that is over a hundred years old -- can you ever imagine? and if had even the faintest idea before that such a thing as gold leaf fabric existed, the place would already be covered in it . . .

{p.s.} also inspired by the olympics & more freya rose x

previously :

manolo blahnik // jill stuart //
maison martin margiela // valentino // mugnai // chanel // lanvin // louboutin // sergio rossi // bruno frisoni // magic in the air // chloé // charlotte olympia // zara glitter heels

[image : shoes by freya rose london; photography by naomi kenton for love my dress via heavenly bottoms]

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{take me away № 34 | city guide № 4 : new york city}

by sarah klassen for {this is glamorous} | editing & image compilation by roséline | view previous articles

take-me-away-hed (2)

"I love New York, even though it isn't mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it." —Breakfast at Tiffany's

New York. A place that stirs within dreams, that lies deep inside hearts, and one that many, many long to simply be a part of. Perhaps it is thanks to the sheer nature and unique diversity of this grand city; or maybe it is because New York is, simply put, a place where everything seems possible -- everything seems to be heightened, everything seems to be present. A patchwork of culture, art, science, architecture, culinary arts, theatre, dance, literature, business, design -- nearly everything imaginable -- is New York.


If one is drawn to music, New York is a stage; if one is drawn to elegance and glamour, beautiful design, exquisite shops and captivating sights are not far off. For art, the pavement is a canvas of imagination, and a maze of museums and galleries are never far away. The city brims with life, passion, and and undeniable energy that is exciting and intoxicating -- it is the life, the very soul, of New York.


Home to extraordinary talents -- those who have composed shows for the theatre that captured rows upon rows, spellbound, with a story never to be forgotten; and others, who sung love songs to the city, New York New York, and those who have made iconic films -- works of art, of passion, of dedication and life, flow from the city.


In 1698, New York City had a population of a mere 4,937 people, and today? Over 8.1 million people reside there, making it the single most populous city in all of the United States. But it is not only populous with residents alone -- millions upon millions of visitors near and far travel to the city, and in 2007 alone, there 46 million visitors. And some leave their present lives behind -- leave their friends, family and all that they have known, to chase the dream of living and being a part of the city. For New York bears an intoxicating energy that is everlasting, an energy that is impossible to deny, and impossible to forget . . .

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{style inspiration | photographer : zoey grossman}

by roséline

{style inspiration | photographer : zoey grossman}


. . . photographer zoey grossman's work has been featured here before -- [hers was the inspiration shot for the glittery eyes how-to], as well as at the side project, but recently came across these shots from the seneca rising spring 2011 collection lookbook and loved the motion of the shots, the soft colour palette and beautiful mix of prints & patterns, and best of all, the crazy-fun eighties backdrop . . .

[more below] x

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{thought for the day : non, je ne regrette rien}

by roséline


. . . non, je ne regreet rien | i have no regrets . . . this charming print was featured on the side project this morning, but so lovely a thought, simply had to share here as well; and also, at long last, finalizing the next city guide, which should be published before the day is through . . .

hope you're having a beautiful week so far, --roséline x

[sarah & bendrix via {a glamorous little side project}]

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{style inspiration | late-summer whites : from day to night}

by roséline



. . . before the leopard print, tartan and herringbone, while there is still time, late-summer whites, for the office and breezy august nights . . .

[images : carola remer by david bellemere for vogue nippon; styled by aurora sansone via whowhatwear -- thanks, sarah!]

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{at the shops : sarah & bendrix, london}

by roséline


. . . and some may remember the beautiful non, je ne regrette rien poster by london shop, sarah & bendrix, from a while ago; happily, have only just discovered a new, even lovelier version, in white & gold, and even better still, this impossibly romantic one that reminds to kiss slowly love truly . . .

{p.s.} previous at the shops features

[image : sarah & bendrix, print available here]

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{give-away | champagne, pink tulle & the winners are . . .}

by roséline


. . . many of you have been asking, on facebook, on twitter, in the comments, by email, when the winners of the last give-away will be announce, or if, [heaven forbid], you may have missed it -- sincerest apologies for any anxiety caused, and for such commotion -- truth be told, things have been insane around here the past few weeks -- and so, finally and at long last, impossibly excited to announce that the winners are . . .

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{décor inspiration : on display}

by roséline




. . . lately there have been beauty products strewn all about the marble vanity in the powder room -- hairsprays and hair shimmers, oils and perfume -- the packaging is all so lovely, they are much too pretty to stow away, and are perfect on display; and in fact, in our next place, considering glass shelving for this very purpose . . .

[images : tara & david meyer's parisian apartment photographed by clarrise demory via a lovely being]

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