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Perhaps one of the most fascinating observations about this spectacular city is the fact that no matter how small it may seem in comparison to some of the more scalable cities around the world, there is a grand diversity that lives here -- a diversity in culture and color, in nature and structure, in business and design, and art and architecture -- a diversity that is rich, and beautiful.


Vancouver, [also fondly referred to by many locals as Van City], is a young city, particularly in comparison to the east of the country, with strong ties to its past evident around and throughout. Visitors will discover its interesting history, kept alive and remembered today, but they will also experience a Vancouver that is very much new and ever-changing -- with a wholehearted, genuine spirit.


Here, an astute and modern building designed by internationally recognized architect Arthur Erickson may sit nearby some of the most majestic trees that one may ever see, and shimmering waters so wonderful, you do not want to leave. Here, city intersects with nature in a partnership of appreciation and great regard.


For the city is surrounded by layers of majestic mountains that call visitors near and far to see firsthand, and is, perhaps, one of the very few places in all of the world where it is possible to enjoy sailing, skiing and golfing, all within the same day.


While visiting, spend some time within bustling Granville Island. Though not literally an island, it certainly feels like an island in and of itself, with colourful scenery, and plenty of things to see and do. One may get lost in the large market, filled with fresh bouquets and beautifully crafted chocolates, specialty beverages to enjoy along your journey, and an assortment of fish, produce, and even locally made crafts and art, for in Granville Island, art is very much alive and welcome, whether one-of-a-kind jewelry, paintings, or metalwork. Or, step outside to the centre and pick up an authentic French baguette from the artisan bakery . . .


One may also book a day to visit a long list of fantastic galleries, filled with works of an ever-growing and evolving collection, followed by a bit of shopping at well-considered boutiques and premier shops -- from independent boutiques such as Lynn Steven and Peridot, to some of the more classic destinations such as Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton. And certainly, a visit to the many gardens and/or a bicycle ride, walk, drive or carriage ride through Stanley Park is a must -- [with over 1000 acres of picturesque views, and in fact, surpassing the scale of Central Park in New York]. And truly, the city has some of the most incredible sea walls [with one spanning 22km] to take in -- and so lovely for picnics and long walks.


And for those who appreciate food, the city is brimming with exemplary cuisine, which Vancouver is becoming renowned for, be it fresh fruits from the marketplace, [where many, if not all, items are organic], to incredible fine dining experiences. There is certainly no shortage of a wide range of cultural cuisine to try, and visitors can select based on their taste and preferences of the day. The day may commence with a lovely breakfast at the Gallery Café, followed by lunch at Burgoo, high tea at The Secret Garden, and ending with a perfect dinner at Fraîche, overlooking the glistening city.


And if time allows, take a [relatively] short trip to one of the local mountains, such as Whistler, and explore nature alongside quaint village-style living, and a wonderful mixture of activities, events and sports to partake in.

Welcome to my city.


{a few fun facts . . . }

* Vancouver and Vienna have the 3rd highest quality of living in the world, according to Forbes magazine
* Vancouver has the largest port in the country, and 4th largest on the continent
* The city hosts the second largest Chinatown in North America [San Francisco is no.01]
* The Vancouver Aquarium ranks within the top 5 aquariums in the world
* Vancouver's Stanley Park is 10% bigger than New York City’s iconic Central Park
* The birthplace of Ryan Reynolds, Michael J.Fox, Diana Krall, Carrie-Anne Moss & [did you know?] Coco Rocha
* Vancouver is the third largest film production center in North America, after LA and New York City
* An average of 15 million visitors visit Vancouver each year


And so, we invite you to visit a brand new city guide created for Vancouver, and discover some of my favorite places -- some of which are secrets -- wonderful accommodations and memorable places to dine in, sites to see, and many lovely things to do while you visit . . .

-- Sarah

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Blogger skooter8 said...

Thank you for such lovely pics of the city I lived and grew up in. My husband and I have so many memories and I miss it so much.

September 09, 2012  
Blogger Audrey said...

Oh this is a beautiful post. So great to read about Vancouver. I already read in our newspaper a long time ago Vancouver is known for it's high quality of life, therefor one of the best cities in the world to live. The park is very interesting, because i love to walk in parks, definitely a must. The mix of culture, so the food must be a treat. But everything else you describe makes me wanna go hop on a flight and visit this city. So thank you for this.

September 09, 2012  
Anonymous CiCi said...

So nice to see my very own Van City on your list! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, glad you liked our island :)

September 09, 2012  
Anonymous Alex said...

I've never thought that Vancouver is ranked on the third place in top of highest quality of living. Very nice article. Who's on first place?

September 10, 2012  
Blogger eva said...


September 10, 2012  
Blogger Sarah said...

Alex: Thank you so much! Also, the city that ranks as no.01 is Vienna. If you would like to read more, here is a link to the original article:


September 10, 2012  
Blogger delia said...

It's always great to see other bloggers do a post on my city.

Beautiful photos :)


September 10, 2012  
Blogger barefoot duchess said...

If I was suppose to live anywhere else than in my beautiful country, I would definitely choose Vancouver!

September 12, 2012  
Blogger jo said...

I love Vancouver! I would not live anywhere else. Great post!

xo Jo


September 12, 2012  

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