{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

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{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

The rockstar and the Hollywood princess -- a match made in heaven. Both effortlessly cool, so naturally suave, debonair -- but in a cultured, à la mode way. Sofia Coppola -- film director, actress, model, screenwriter and producer -- and her beau, Thomas Mars -- front man of the band Phoenix -- are the quintessential mod couple.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

Sofia, the daughter of famed director Francis Ford Coppola, had a creative upbringing and opportunities to pursue any career she so desired; she tried acting, appearing in many of her father's films; modelling and designing also had their moment, but neither wholly satisfied her.  With interests in so many creative fields, Sofia strived to find something that combined all of these passions . . .

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

I was going to art school and trying different things. I was interested in a lot of, mostly visual arts. I didn't know what I wanted to do and then I made a short film and felt like it was a combination of all these interests of mine with design and photography and music. But it was really when I read the book The Virgin Suicides that made me wanna make a movie.”

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

The Virgin Suicides was a wonderful success and lead to Sofia’s next movie, Lost in Translation, in 2003. It was during the making of this movie that Sofia met Thomas, as his band Phoenix performed songs for the soundtrack.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

As two such creative beings, they were immediately drawn to one another; however a romance was not instant . . .

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

It was obvious there was a deep respect and attraction, as Sofia again asked Thomas and his band to not only perform songs for her next movie, Marie Antoinette, but also to appear in the film. During the 2005 filming and music collaboration, the two worked closely together and sparks began to fly. It was not long until an official press release stated the two were dating.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

I'm always a sucker for a love story.” —Sofia Coppola

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}
Sofia on the December 2000 cover of Vogue Paris, shot by Craig McDean & styled by Carine Roitfield

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

By 2006, the hopelessly in love couple had their first daughter -- Romy. Blissfully happy pictures of their family littered tabloids, but the suave couple refused to cave to pressure and rumours of marriage and continued to live their idyllically vogue lifestyle.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

One can imagine them attending the coolest gallery openings and hosting dinner parties for their equally stylish friends, discussing music and French literature and potential novels suitable for Sofia’s next film.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

As Thomas was born and raised in Versailles, the couple settled in France and had a second daughter, Cosima, in 2010.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

Finally, in August 2011, Sofia & Thomas wed in a delightfully intimate ceremony in the garden of the Palazzo Margherita, in the town of Bernalda in Italy. The town has innate historic and sentimental significance to Sofia as her great-grandparents and grandparents were born and raised there, and her father had spent much time renovating and restoring significant buildings and areas of the town.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

The romantic and personal ceremony saw Sofia wearing a custom, lavender Azzedine Alaïa gown, and the groom in a ‘casual dark suit’. Laid back and cool, very much like the stars of the evening, guests drank the Coppola family wine and dined on local delicacies from the Basilicata region and finished with a wedding cake by Magna Grecia, “white with crème Chantilly decorated with flowers and polka dots”. The ceremony was officiated by Bernalda’s Mayor, Leonardo Chiruzzi.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

"Everything went well. It was simple, calm, in the garden." —Mayor Leonardo Chiruzzi

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

Just over a year on from their much talked about [and admired] wedding, we remain in awe of this au courant couple and their decision to live life by their own rules -- not conforming to pressure or expectations.

{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}

Carrying on with their effortlessly cool lifestyle and inspiring romantics the world over to live their passions, love their own way and let their creativity guide them each and every day.


{great love story № 22 | sofia coppola & thomas mars}


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Blogger Chloe Moon said...

Wow, I had no idea she was married to the Phoenix singer. I can't believe that she is the baby in The Godfather...It's incredible where her career has led her and I love her movies. I like that it wasn't love at first sight but they fell in love over time. I have never seen Marie Antoinette but now I have to and keep an eye out for Thomas. Good for them not conforming to society. I didn't know they had two daughters!!

I really enjoyed this post and the pictures you choose! I'm a sucker for a love story too...=)

Ergo - Blog

December 13, 2012  
Blogger Mandolyn said...

Love your blog and posts, this is a sweet story but I will say descriptions like "...we remain in awe of this au courant couple and their decision to live life by their own rules -- not conforming to pressure or expectations" make it seem that those who meet and marry on a traditional time frame are somehow "caving" or "conforming" to someone else. If they had married a year or two after they had met, would their love have been any less sweet?

I met and married my high school sweetheart on a traditional time table (and I'd never dream of having a baby before marriage—for good reason) yet that doesn't make my or anyone else's love story any less beautiful. I guess I'm just puzzled as to why we're praising a couple for insisting on living a lifestyle that statistically brings pain to so many children.

Have they been together a long time with a beautiful story that ends with happy, loved children? Absolutely. But the way they lived so rarely ends that way for everyone else that it's a bit puzzling to hold it up as some badge of honor or something to emulate.

I know you must not agree, hence the commentary, but please know that while I felt I needed to comment, I still find your blog one of my favorites—your lovely descriptions and gorgeous inspiration make it one of my favorite blogs to read.

December 13, 2012  
Anonymous vicki archer said...

Gorgeous story... xv

December 13, 2012  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

mandolyn -- hello -- thank you for your comment and happy you still love the blog, but just wanted to clarify that it is joey, who writes this beautiful column, and not me :)

and am certain she will take a moment to answer herself, but just wanted to say that she is not admiring them for not getting married, but admiring them for sticking to what is right for them; there have been other love stories -- this one for instance : http://bit.ly/ScWdeK -- in which married features greatly -- do not believe joey is saying one is better than the other, but that we all should make the decisions that are right for us :)

xo roséline

December 13, 2012  
Blogger Joey Bailey said...

Hello Mandolyn, & thank you so much for your honest comment.
As Roséline mentioned in her reply, I am certainly not applauding 'not-marrying', or marrying for that matter -- with a couple so in the spotlight, there would be terrible pressures coming from every-which-way in all aspects of their life, & it's wonderful that they did exactly what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it.
Really, I think that is the magic of this incredibly romantic love story -- whether making films or planning a wedding -- they continue to live life 'their way' -- & that is certainly an inspiration.

December 13, 2012  
Blogger Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Great love story and let's hope it is a lasting one. Looks like, as they are living their own life; SMART!
Thanks for sharing.

December 13, 2012  
Blogger Bostonista said...

That picture of Sofia overlooking the river in Paris is SO gorgeous! I've decided that you're right: there is nothing more glamorous than a great love story!

December 14, 2012  
Blogger Lola said...

Sofia coppola is such a stunner!

December 15, 2012  
Blogger London is passion said...

She is beauty!

December 18, 2012  

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