{take me away № 42 : the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

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{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

Have you ever stood beneath the glittering stars in the early evening, moments after the sun sets, in and amoungst the trees, met by mountains and waters, colourful, cultural festivities and the magic of the beautiful Spanish language?

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

Imagine jetting off to one of the most exciting countries in the world—a destination of steady, sloped and picturesque deserts, vivid, tropical rain forests, and grand, unbounded mountain ranges.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

A destination as beautiful as it is captivating, its nature and traditions simultaneously combining to create a most compelling culture.  Indeed, within the same country, one may discover such a variety of landscapes, dotted with wildlife, as well as a rich past and history. . . This, is Peru.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

For today, we visit the Republic of Peru, located on the western part of South America, and made up of twenty-five different regions.  It is a country known for its lands, crafts, and people—an estimated 29.5 million—who are multi-ethnic, including Africans, Amerindians, Europeans, and Asians.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

While visiting, we highly recommend a visit the legendary [lost city] of Machu Picchu, with its flowing waters, stone architecture with numerous pathways and archways, mountainous ranges, and seemingly endless levels to discover.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

And, no doubt, the faces of irresistible llamas may sneak up as you are looking out and about, and call for a quick photograph or two, for they wander from atop the rocks down into the archways and paths.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

Then, there is the ancient Inca capital of Cusco, with its pre-Columbian culture and legacies to explore. There is also the much talked about Cotahuasi Canyon—the deepest canyon in all of the world, with a depth of approximately 3354 meters.  Or, if you wish, be transported by boat to islands and the traditional world of the people residing on Lake Titicaca.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

For some, the Spanish architecture calls, for others, the wildlife, with many, many different species of animals to discover and observe; and for others, still—the water—the rushing waterfalls and rivers, lakes, and beaches, or the culture: colourful, swirling dances, fragrant food and a remarkable history. Peru is, indeed, the perfect destination for the adventurer.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

A fine way to immerse oneself in the country, and to escape from the busy-ness of fast-paced city life is to book with one [or a few] of the beautiful countryside retreats in Peru. Some are located within old, old walls, filled with art and the majesty of time gone by; while others are modern and fresh, built just beside hills on mountains, so as to feel as if one is a part of nature; others, still, close to the water, and beckon relaxation and rejuvination . . .

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}


01 | Hotel Rio Sagrago : Urubamba, Sacred Valley

Surrounded by mountains and green pasture, beside the banks of the Urubamba River, lies this most exquisite hotel. Situated between Machu Picchu and Cuzco, one will discover a perfect retreat decorated in true, authentic Peruvian flair. Guests will enjoy the choice of either a room or suite, or, booking a villa for the trip. Inside, one will discover plenty of warm wood tones, colourful, clean lines, with well considered views, custom-made duvet covers, and more. The hotel also offers assistance in helping make your trip memorable—whether you wish to set out on horseback, or wish to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the spa. Additionally, the hotel restaurant offers lovely cuisine, with many ingredients sourced locally.

RESTAURANT | recommendations

01 | Red Valentina :  Calle Grau 323, Urubamba
02 | Qanela Restaurante : Grau 654 | Grau 654, Urubamba 084

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

02 | Machu Picchu | Sanctuary Lodge : Machu Picchu

"Unparalleled luxury" backed by the joy in being the exclusive hotel located at the breathtaking World Heritage site, Machu Picchu.  A quaint and personal hotel, with the very best of luxurious amenities and an air of relaxation.  One can enjoy a walk through the wondrous gardens [with many flowers and birds to spot] located just outside the hotel, camera in hand, or take a cup of tea and delicious breakfast outdoors, and enjoy the view.  Their mission is to assist you in any way that they can, so that you might "head home with memories that will last a lifetime".

RESTAURANT | recommendations

01 | Tampu Restaurant [Sanctuary Lodge] : Carretera Hiram Bingham Km 7.5, Machu Picchu 5184
02 | Tree House Restaurant :  Calle Huancaure 180, Aguas Calientes 51
03 | Indiofeliz : No 3y4M-12, Machu Picchu

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

03 | Las Casitas Del Colca : Colca Canyon, Arequipa

Perhaps one of the more unique countryside retreats within Peru, this accommodations is located in Colca Canyon -- as aforementioned, the deepest, and arguable, one of the most beautiful in the world, in the department of Arequipa.  Unlike the previous suggestions, this property is made up of 20 individual homes [or casitas] that have been sprinkled over 24 exceptional acres.  According to past visitors, the accommodation is very welcoming, and so much so, that they wished to stay forever.  Perhaps it is thanks to the individual cottages, each with their own small pool, or the private terraces, or the proximity to nature.  Truly a remarkable home away from home.

RESTAURANT | recommendations

01 | Paladar 1900 : San Francisco 227 | San Francisco 227, Arequipa 54
02 | Zig Zag Restaurant : Calle Zela 210 - 212, Arequipa 0000
03 | La Casona de Bolivar : Bolivar 107. Cercado, Arequipa 3842
04 | Zingaro : San Francisco 309, Centre, Arequipa 0051

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

04 | Aranwa : Cusco

Perhaps one of our most favourite of all retreats, this boutique hotel [with just over 40 suites and rooms] is set within a historic building of nearly 8,000 square feet, and offers an elegant mixture of modern and historical decor.  Guests will enjoy stone courtyards and many beautiful points to take in.  Though located more within a village, the atmosphere feels very relaxed, with nature close by.  On a side note, the lovely restaurant is certainly worth a visit—particularly for the tasting menu and atmosphere.

RESTAURANT | recommendations

01 | Restaurante Hawa : Av. Ferrocarril S/N Urubamba | Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Cusco 08031
02 | Museo del Pisco : Santa Catalina Ancha 398, Esquina con calle San Agustin Centro Historico, Cusco
03 | MAP Café : Plazoleta Nazarenas 231 | Museo de Arte Precolombino, Cusco

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

05 | Titilaka : Lake Titicaca, Puno

Tucked into a somewhat secluded peninsula, this contemporary and refreshing luxury boutique hotel nearly completely blends in with nature.  With its vast, bright windows and spacious rooms and suites, each of the 18 spaces has been carefully considered. Guests will certainly enjoy the heated flooring and spa-like bathrooms, and the enjoyment of having the concierge help to tailor each guest's experience. Whether you wish to visit the archaeological sites, sail, or explore on foot, personal are happy to assist.  Additionally, the hotel's restaurant is proud to offer locally caught trout, grains and potatoes that have been sourced from local farms.  A fresh, delightful and unique place.

RESTAURANT | recommendations

01 | Cafe Bar de la Casa del Corregidor : Jr. Destua # 576, Puno 21001
02 | La Casona Restaurant : Lima 423 (segundo piso), Puno
03 | Mojsa Restaurant : Jr. Lima 635, 2do Piso, Puno

[also, an additional retreat that will open in April 2013]

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}


We suggest booking a trip between June and August, as the weather clears, allowing happy travels throughout the country.  For your trip, be sure to pack plenty of sunblock and a wide brim hat or two, colourful dresses, tops and skirts, and sturdy, comfortable shoes [particularly for the countryside] that will take you around and about; and for the evenings, a lovely wrap or shawl is the perfect solution.

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

{what to take home with you}

Peru is certainly well known for its colourful, woven crafts -- from sweaters and mittens to blankets and ponchos. Be sure to enjoy the many markets that Peru offers, and pick up a lovely, authentic piece or two to bring back home with you!


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{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}

[image sources & credits : photography by james moes // by whispered-time // stars, in their multitudes // priya patel // approaching human // simple.interesting. // lima, peru by mario testino // a glamorous little side project // olivia dean // wikimedia // global travel // a glamorous little side project // jeffery anderson photography // margaret carroll boardman]

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