{at the shops | everyday essentials : new favourite things}

by roséline

instagram photography by roseline @thisisglamorous

After having been home for just a few days [jetting off again in less than two weeks], it has been so very lovely to be a bit of a homebody, and while things are still in their cases, very much looking forward to living out of drawers and wardrobes once again, instead of travel cases, and to using full-sized toiletries in the powder room, as opposed to tiny travel-friendly ones. And in the organising and arranging before the next trip, have come across a few favourite things . . .

instagram photography by roseline @thisisglamorous

№ 01 | Pretty, lacy underthings : ONE & TWO // [at home, shot by me]

№ 02 | FLORIS : as you know, am very nearly obsessed with good quality scented candles [this one is still a favourite], and always searching for new brands to try—and while this one, by Floris [top image], was established in 1730 and not new by any means, had never tried it before, until now.  And if the beautiful packaging -- gold box, embossed lettering and gilded lid -- were not enough to draw one in, there was the scent—sandalwood & patchouli—which absolutely envelopes the room, and it is all one can do not to fall instantly into daydreams and romance . . . [p.s. the grapefruit & rosemary is also lovely] x

{at the shops | everyday essentials : new favourite things}

PINK SHELL & GOLD YSL shot by Emily Faulstich at Hawaiian Coconut

instagram photography by roseline @thisisglamorous

№ 03 | THESE BLUSH-COLOURED FLATS : in the softest shade of pink, and perfect with leopard print, they have already been on many adventures around & about the city . . .

{at the shops | everyday essentials : new favourite things}

CREAMY PINK ROSE shot by Emily Faulstich at Hawaiian Coconut

№ 04 EVE LOM CLEANSER - About three months ago, purchased the Clarisonic Aria and all of the amazing things it promised.  And while it is good, for me, finding the time to use it diligently every night after cleansing the day's makeup off, was proving to be difficult.  And so, was in search of alternate cleansers to work alongside, for busy days and late nights and remembered the Eve Lom Cleanser [top image].  Multi-award-winning, iconic and a cult favourite, and said by Vogue to be the best cleanser in the world—it was the obvious choice.  And while it, with the massaging and muslin cloth, may not be the quickest cleansing regiment, [and some find the scent to be quite strong and a little herbal or even medicinal], glowing, beautiful skin the very next morning has made it a new and very favourite, and have not used anything else since . . . [{p.s.} available herehere, and in the UK, here] x

instagram photography by roseline @thisisglamorous

LEGACY LEATHER ARCHIVE SUITCASE - This suitcase came along on a recent work trip to London -- its design is based on the original introduced in 1963.  P used it for his things, oxford shirts and shaving foam, but my Macbook was safely stowed away in the front pocket. | [at home, shot by me]

{at the shops | everyday essentials : new favourite things}

STILL TO TRY : And one last thing -- still looking to try Too Faced's Better Than False Lashes | [shot by Garance Doré]

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Blogger Iliyana Licheva said...



September 01, 2013  
Blogger Emily Anne said...

Aw how sweet thank you!! :)

September 01, 2013  
Blogger grace courtney said...

your site is just a treasure trove of delicate, feminine beautiful things. keep writing, keep sharing. <3

September 01, 2013  
Blogger lorenabr said...

Very feminine and gorgeous!

September 01, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

J'adore! C'est si beau!
Have a wonderful day!

September 02, 2013  
Blogger {this is glamorous} said...

grace courtney - so lovely! thanks so very much xo

September 02, 2013  
Blogger Stefania coolchicstyle said...

Grazie per i questi preziosi consigli, ciao Stefania

September 02, 2013  

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